PowerNap on Fusion Drive Equipped 27" '12 iMac

Discussion in 'iMac' started by daveishere, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Sorry if this has been asked before but...

    will powernap be a feature on the new iMacs with fusion drive installed? I'm pretty sure Apple only includes this feature on machines with SSD's or power/noise reasons.

    Surely (due to the price of the fusion drive) it should?
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    Nevermind, I guess it doesn't..
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    "Last Modified: Sep 20, 2012"

    This document wouldn't mention 2012 iMacs whether they support Power Nap or not, since it was released before the iMacs.
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    Suggest it at apple.com/feedback.
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    Excellent point. Mine is expected to be delivered tomorrow. I can't wait to find out. Thanks.
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    Or we could just ask someone with a 2012 iMac to check in their Energy Saver preferences. If it supports Power Nap, the Power Nap option will be there.

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    Sadly, no, it is not.
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    You've got a Fusion Drive model, presumably, right?
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    Power Nap requires being able to run the machine without running the fans or a spinning disk. Given that the iMac uses more powerful CPUs and GPUs, it's likely that it's not safe from a thermal perspective to run it without the fan for any amount of time. Furthermore, Fusion drives require both the SSD and HDD to be active, which also eliminates the iMac (at least non-SSD only models) from Power Nap eligibility.
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    Yes, I have a 1TB fusion model:

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    I had my 21" fusion hibernate the other night. It was strange. I let it sit for a out 8 hours while I was away. I couldn't remember if I turned it off or not when I got home. A mouse movement or click and a keyboard mash failed to wake it so I turned off the wall outlet.

    Next morning when I turned the wall on. Hit the power button and it instantly went to the desktop all previous apps and websites open instantly! No boot up, no chime. Up in 2 seconds flat!
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    I am not concerned about the noise. My iMac is located in my home office. The single thing that I really wanted was an automatic update of my PhotoStream in iPhoto. I guess I'll have to find or make an automated script to do it. Sounds like a project for the weekend.

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