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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Paulywauly, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Basically im wanting to create a clone of my ibook g3s hard disc, its the original 10GB stock one and would like to be able to restore my current setup if i ever replace the drive. Put alot of work into getting this thing running how i like it!

    My idea so far has been to use a one of those small USB flash drives (the really small ones that barely stick out of the port) and leave it plugged in all the time, with the ibook running scheduled backups.

    I understand the flash drive wont be bootable due to it being powerpc, but if i do the backups to the flash drive and then try to restore a new hard disc from it (using the disc utility on the mac os disc) would it boot?

    sorry if this has already been covered, i was unable to find any threads which would cover this and i'd appreciate your help! Cheers!
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    what you want is to backup to a pendrive like for example time machine does right?
    use SuperDuper!.
    I guess it can do that for you
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    yeah basically im wanting to backup to a usb pen drive, every so often creating a clone of the ibooks hard disc (rather than a differential backup like Time Machine)

    I've already found software that does it but if i restore the clone to a new hard disc it should boot right? i do scheduled boot cloning on my intel machine and have restored from it before without issue, but will it work from a powerpc attempting to restore from a pen drive?
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    I've read that the Intel types will, but the PPCs won't boot unless from a Firewire external hard disk. Couldn't you just keep a cloned HDD on hand and use it to boot up, then transfer your files from the flash...? I'm a noob at this, so feel free to ignore if I'm oversimplifying. Just hoping to learn about this myself. Hopefully, someone wiser will confirm or set me straight.
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    thanks for the response, but im not wanting to boot from the flash drive itself so that shouldn't be an issue. Im just wanting to create the clone of the drive on the flash.

    The actual process of creating a clone on a USB drive and restoring to a hard disc should be easy ive done it numerous times on intel machines using disc utility, but could i also do this on a PowerPC machine? restoring from USB shouldnt cause any issues with the backup not being bootable?
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    I have used my external USB drive as a time machine on iMac G5, recovered from there. So by cloning on a flash drive and restoring would not be an issue

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