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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by greenville, Sep 7, 2011.

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    Have a powerpc g4 with apple 17" cinema display (dual 1 ghz processors and 1.5 gb memory)that still seems to run prettly well except that I can't even connect my wife's ipad or my ipod touch anymore as the system is too old along with most of my programs now outdated. I have decided to get a new macbook pro with a tb display to replace it. I have wondered if the g4 has any value to anyone and would maybe be worth trying to sell or is it just recycle time for it?
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    But seriously, you just can't connect modern USB devices to older computers due to most requiring USB 2.0.

    This should cheer you up: I installed a USB 2.0 card in a 733mhz single-processor QuickSilver PowerMac G4, attached a crappy 14" GateWay display, and sold it in two days for $100...

    1. Dual 1ghz
    2. Apple Display
    3. ???
    4. Profit

    What's best is I bought a whole box load of crap for $100 to begin with. It included the PowerMac, display, PCI cards, PC cards, cables galore, a zip drive, software, a PowerBook G3 300mhz "Wallstreet", and an iBook G3 dual-USB 700mhz. I've made one sale and made even. Apple sells.
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    A dual 1GHz? That is a QS i think. Donate it if you are inclined, especially to young underpreviliged children.
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    Maybe $100 - $200 if you get lucky?

    Not much value really, it would be pretty nice of you to donate it to someone I guess lol. If you can't do that, just get it safely disposed of.
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    sell it to me for 50 bucks w/o screen??? lol
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    A Quicksilver dual 1GHz with maxed RAM like it has is worth $120-150 for just the tower based on both my opinion and what others sell for. With the tower and 17" Apple display ask 200-220.

    Any less than $120 for just the tower or 180 for both and you're getting low balled.
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    Quicksilver towers sell for $50 on kijiji and craigslist, and are overpriced on ebay.

    Edit: Those at $50 are often with stock RAM, but you can max it for about $20 if you buy ram from ebay. Sometimes however you can get them max RAM for $50. Lets say $70 is fair for a Quicksilver with 1.5 GB RAM.
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    Trust me, you'll easily find yourself a sucker that thinks this thing is fresh from the "MAC" store.

    Apple's designs are very deceiving when judging age. Always one step ahead. I get calls every. single. day. from people complaining that they can't get the latest Final Cut, Logic, or DJ software installed on their xxxmhz iMac G4
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    Only a single 733 or 867 would be worth as little as $50. Sawtooth's even still regularly get 40-60 for a stock machine. This is a Dual 1GHz.

    To the OP:

    Please don't rip yourself off and accept this guys low ball offer and half truths. I deal with used Macs constantly and know what I am talking about. I just sold a single 933MHz Quicksilver for a client and it was sold for $90. These dual 1GHz QS's are faster than the lower half of the MDD models.

    I also used to work in a research lab here in Vancouver that had a cluster of 40x dual 1GHz Quicksilver. About 7 months ago they finally upgraded that cluster to 30x Mac Pro's and sold off the 40 Quicksilvers for 175 each and they were gobbled up locally within 3 days. A friend of mine grabbed one thanks to the inside track I had from having worked there before.
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    I hear that. Any time I sell some old equipment I just don't sell it to anyone who isn't a collector because no matter how many times I tell someone it's old, they just don't get it.
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    What zen.state said.

    And check eBay's recently ended auctions to see what these machines are actually going for. Sure, some folks are catching good deals, but people are still snatching them up with the $150 to $200 "buy it now option".

    The dual 1GHz Quicksilver is no slouch--A far cry from the single 733.
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    The 1.5GB RAM alone would cost at least 45-60 used. New would be more like 80.
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    This I believe due to the CPU cache bus speed of 1:1?
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    L1 is always 1:1 but L2 is only 1:1 on the 7450, 7455, 7447 and 7448 so the dual 1GHz is 1:1 but it's only 256KB. It's due more because L3 seems to help a lot more with dual CPU's and OS 10.4+ has amazingly good dual CPU/core support.

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