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PowerPC G4 Quicksilver WIFI

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by radison32, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Can anyone help.

    I have an old PowerPC G4, i am trying to get it on my wifi (Airport Extreme)
    i got the following PCI card
    Tenda Wireless PCI Card 802.11n 300Mbps (W322P)
    it said it was compatible with my Mac but i can not get it to work
    Please help.............
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    Did you install the drivers that came with it? If so and they still did not work, try the latest:


    It is also possible that it does not support your OS. The website does not specify what version of the Mac OS is required or whether it has to be Intel.
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    The disc that came with it only had PC drivers on it.

    I have already been to the website you suggested and downloaded the driver, but still not working.

    Any more ideas Welcome
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    An Asus WL-138G V2 PCI card works natively in Airport. They are no longer being made though, so it may be difficult to find one.
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    You are correct. Any 11b I have ever used only supported WEP.
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    The only reason you couldn't connect to WPA with an original Airport card would be because you're using system software that is too old. WPA is supported just fine on original Airport cards when using OS Panther or newer.

    Requirements for WPA connection.
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    I guess even using tiger you need some updates.
    I had 10.4.3 in a machine with airport and couldn't connect to my wpa network until I updated the system.
    For more options of wifi cards just see the FAQ in my sig.

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