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Powersupportusa order - imcomplete

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by jefftroll, May 29, 2010.

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    Just received my Ipad AG order from powersupportusa.

    Good news, I took my time, cleaned the mess out of my screen and the install went flawless the first time with zero bubbles or lint. I went from the home button down when installing.

    BAD NEWS: They only sent 1 of 2 screens that I ordered. They charged me for two and then even put that on the invoice but only one was in the package.

    Now I have to wait for them to respond to my online support request. I'll let everyone know how long it takes for them to respond and if they correct their mistake or not.

    If they refuse to simply send me the missing film I'm going to sick the credit card company on them. These are the most expensive screens on the market and I'm not going to let them hose me out of $25 bucks plus shipping for one screen.
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    I doubt they'll ignore you/not send you a new screen. I've had nothing but good experiences with PowerSupport and their products.

    Shipping time took a week from order time for me, so hopefully they can process the one they forgot you faster and even throw in priority shipping.
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    Yeah. I ordered a new screen ( I messed up putting my 1st one, but it was tolerable till I got some extra money for a new one ), which they said was in stock. After a few days was curious where mine was, looked on the site, and now it lists that do to backorders it is 9 days from when you placed an order.

    They may have only been able to send you the one, as to not hold up your order.
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    I'm sure it was a simple mistake. I thought about them being short and had looked for a note saying the other would be shipped but there was no other paper work other than the invoice. I'll post back once I hear back from them and let everyone know how the experience goes.

    That sucks that you had to get a new one after messing up the first one by the way. I used a microfiber towel and very slightly damped it. I wiped it down very well and then made sure it was dry. I then used slow wipes from one end of the other while it was turned off so that I could see any small pieces of lint. Once I was satisfied I started the process making sure my finger prints did not get on the bottom side of the film. I started at the home button aligning it against the edge and just got lucky that it aligned perfect and with no bubbles or trapped lint. I have used powersupport on my phones in the past and thats why I chose to use them on our new ipads.
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    Another customer service mistake....

    So I ordered an anti-glare film two weeks ago and paid extra for overnight shipping. I received it two days later, which I thought was pretty quick processing, but there were two half-inch-long bents in the film near the home button hole. A very noticeably defect. I called their customer service number and they said if I emailed them photos, they would send a replacement. I agreed and asked if he would email their decision and a new tracking number since I expected the replacement to also be mailed Fedex.

    Well I never received a response to my email, so I called them again after two days. I spoke to a different service rep who also said he would mail me the new tracking number and that the replacement was being shipped that afternoon.

    Three day later, still nothing. No tracking number or replacement. I called again and get to speak to the original service rep. He said it was sent and, after looking up the tracking number online, said that the package was at my local Fedex station. He promised to email the tracking number as soon as we hang up. I checked the tracking number and look at the same information he looked at, where it says in plan print that the package was undeliverable because the address was incorrect. Argh!!! Why didn't the service rep tell me this himself? I called fedex and they corrected the information, saying it would be delivered the following day.

    I don't blame Power Support that the first film was defective, it happens. But having to ask three times for the new tracking number and their carelessness in writing the correct address on the package irritates me. I do like the anti-glare film now that I have it. It was more difficult to put on than I hoped but it looks ok now. Fingerprint are far less noticeable and I feel more confident using the iPad knowing the screen is less likely to get scratched, so I do recommend their product.

    Do you think I should at least ask for the Fedex fee reimbursed since I didn't receive it in an expedited manner? Overnight delivery turned into a week delay and customer service was less than prompt.
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    great experience with PS

    My shipment was screwed up by the Post Office, which never delivered it (or most likely misdelivered it). They took my information but it was clear that I'd never see the package again. (I never heard back from them either, surprise surprise).:mad:

    Power Support sent me a replacement immediately and filed a claim against USPS. I was very impressed with their customer service. And once the screen protector was installed, I was even happier. Couldn't imagine my iPad without it.:D
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    tl;dr but even though I ordered it n the 17th of may when it was neither backordered or showing out of stock, it did not arrive until 5-27. I bad no notice as to why it was just that way. I believe post #2 likely has it right.
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    Just got an email from Power Support, they are finally fulfilling my order. So, ordered on May 23rd, they are finally going to be shipping it soon! Must be quite a backlog...
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    No reply to my online form request inquiring about my missing AG protector but it is still 11:00am California time. I'll give them until 4pm pacific time and I'll call them and check on it. Its for my wife's ipad. She won't take it out of the box until our cases arrive and she has a screen protector on it. Mine on the other hand has been everywhere with me.
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    Speaking of PowerSupport, my delivery was delayed from Friday to Tuesday, cutting it quite close to my iPad's arrival. :eek:

    OP - did you get this sorted out?
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    I have not heard from them as of 11AM central time today. I am going to call them in about 30 minutes to see if they answer the phone and see if I can get my other screen shipped. My wife still won't touch her Ipad until she gets that screen on there.
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    Score one for powersupport, they are sending my missing replacement today! Good to see that everyone was right about their customer service.

    Dear Customer,

    I apologize for the mix up. I will have your second ipad film sent out today for you.
    Thanks for the email and support!

    Customer Service

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