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PPC 970 PowerMac in May?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by arn, May 2, 2003.

  1. arn
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    i dont speak it but i can understand it well enough. i won't try to give you a translation tho. main pointsi gleaned:

    new emac design
    ichat with videoconferencing
    970 in june.
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    Re: French Translation Req: MacBidouille

    Why human? Basically, both my brain and Babelfish came up with the same things... give or take some sentence structure here and there... ;)
  4. arn
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    Re: Re: French Translation Req: MacBidouille

    there's always some things that don't make it into the autotranslation
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    Re: Re: Re: French Translation Req: MacBidouille

    Yeah true, but for the most part Babel is very good.
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    Quick translation by myself

    The second article means something like that, I think:

    A well-informed source told us that the first PPC 970 single processors at 1,4 GHz left production of Hon Hai. That’s excellent news because they will be available much earlier as expected (not sure on this part). The single processors will be on stock and for sale at the end of may, then the higher models (again not sure) will arrive in the middle of june, just before WWDC.

    Seul bémol (?). These machines will be furnished with Mac OS X 10.2 which is not 64 bits optimized. For each purchase of one of these machines, Mac OS X 10.3 will be offered at its introduction in september. With these conditions, at least if Apple not opposes, we will have benchmarks of this machine not later than May, 15th.

    (Not sure about the next, but I think means Apple employees get 30% off of G4 Pro, which indicates that this will be the end of those machines.)

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    RE: French Translation Req: MacBidouille

    Here's a translation of the PPC 970 rumor...

    [Rumor] The PPC 970 in advance! [ MàJ ] - Lionel - 17:23:32

    A well-informed source told us that the first PPC 970 single processors at 1.4 GHZ have left Hon Hai’s assembly lines. This is excellent news because they will be available much earlier than envisaged at the start. The single processor will be in stock and sold at the end of May, whereas the top-of-the-line [chip] will arrive mid-June, right before WWDC.

    The only downside: the machines will be furnished with OSX, but not optimized with 64 bits. With every purchase of such a machine, Mac OSX 10.3 will be offered when it is ready in September. In this state, unless Apple opposes it, we will reveal the benchmarks of the machine on May 15th at the latest.

    [ MàJ ] Apple US is offering an exceptional 30% employee rebate on pro G4 models. This is the first sign of the demise of the [G4] computer. Note that the 17” iMacs are also part of Apple’s promo.
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    Re: RE: French Translation Req: MacBidouille

    I think this might be the biggest bit of news here. Imagine offering single 970s in the iMacs and duals in the PowerMacs. Wow!

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    Re: Re: RE: French Translation Req: MacBidouille

    This might also explain why Apple has been selling so-called "Factory Refurbished" 17" iMacs for $1599 for the last few weeks. They can't have that many refurb 17" machines. Perhaps they're just trying to clear their inventory to get rid of the G4 line.

    Come to think of it, look at the Apple Store right now in the refurb section and you will see almost everything in their entire G4 line is being sold as refurb. Maybe they are doing that because they know the machines will go faster that way, even though they are new machines. Those that aren't smart enough to check the refurbished machines and are going to buy now can just pay full price, but the refurb prices might make those that are sitting on the fence jump over and buy.

    Smart marketing, Apple!
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    If 970 iMacs come out in june thats so good news...I've been hoping for this instead of just pro lines...hopefully i'll have a job by then or sept at the latest so i can buy one of them babies...iMac would become a much better all round consumer machine then too. Stylish but also packs a punch running os x and providing a decent graphics chip gets in there it will do as well as a similar priced pc at games..well except there will be hardly any games for mac of course.
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    also mouse and keyboard havn't changed much
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    Re: Re: Re: RE: French Translation Req: MacBidouille

    OK, stop right there, I just looked and I don't see it. Where is the refurb section?
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    I hope that the 970 does come out soon. The mac platform could do with a boost to increase market share. If they were to release them now, I would buy one in January 2004. I have a Dual 1Ghz G4 which suits me fine for now.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: RE: French Translation Req: MacBidouille

    There is a little red tag in the left bottom corner of the apple store that says 'special deal'...that is where they have their refurbs.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: RE: French Translation Req: MacBidouille

    Go to the bottom left of the store site and click on the graphic that says "Special Deals"
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: RE: French Translation Req: MacBidouille

    Look in the "Special Deals" section. It's on the lower left of the Store homepage. You'll find the refurbs there. I do have to admit, there are a lot more refurbs there right now than what one might usually see. It may be that they are working to move existing Macs as soon as possible. Guess we'll just have to wait for WWDC to find out. Thankfully the wait isn't too long now!! Bring on the 970!
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: RE: French Translation Req: MacBidouille

    It's in the lower left corner. It's a red tag that says special deals. I check this every once in a while and it does seem to have an unusually large selection right now. I'm not sure I would believe that these are brand new machines, but I guess it's possible.

    Tempting, but not gonna do it.
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    i would be all over a 970 imac..as long as the price doesnt get raised by much.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: RE: French Translation Req: MacBidouille

    I think it's on the bottom left...first SPAM post!

    Easy on the multiple "special deals" posts...

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    30% is always what Apple offers to employees. I bought an iMac through a network admin in Sac. 30% off retail for a 15incher.
  21. mim
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    Are all the slots at WWDC that are currently labelled "TBA" a sign that something likke thid release is in the works? Are there usually a lot of last minute program inclusions?

    I would think it makes more sense to release the 970's before a developer's con, rather than >at< it. Even if they release it a few weeks ahead they're likely to get people queueing up to get there.
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    Well, putting the 970 in the iMac would make sense...since it would further remove apple from and dependancy on moto for the G4 chip...if the powermacs and imacs get the 970 in may/june...with the power books to follow...that only leaves the eMac with a moto G4...since the iBooks use IBM's G3.
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    wow. we just had four people answer baghdadbob's question with the exact same answer. lol.
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    That's not entirely true. It usually ranges between 10% and 15%.
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    Its the begining of the end for the G4, come on G5 (PPC970). Apple has to call it G5 or think up a new chip name. Maybe PPC Photon Proccessors? I hope the 1.4Ghz are duals otherwise they will not be able to keep up with the P4 3Ghz let alone the dual P4HT.

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