PPC970 and WWDC Rumors: Part 2

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    MacBidouille feeds the fire with more rumors about the PowerPC 970 and WWDC.

    According to their most recent update, they claim that Apple's WWDC dates were indeed moved due to planning around the PowerPC 970. Configurations are reported at 1.4 GHz, 1.8 GHz, and dual 2.3 GHz with availability 6-8 weeks after the announcement.

    While they will not be sharing early benchmark results, they claim they are very exciting.

    MacBidouille has a variable history of accuracy with their rumor reporting. A top speed of 2.3GHz is contrary to public IBM claims on the max speeds of the new PPC 970s as well as rumors from CeBit.
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    Now all we need is a 970 in a PowerBook.

    How long?

    Do we know the power usage figures?
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    Looking forward to it! All this waiting my not have been in vain.

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    What I'd like to know...

    What I'd like to know is how you pronounce MacBidouille in the first place.

    I'm a dumb American that only speaks one language. Is it "Mac-Bi-dooey"? "Mac-Bi-dooley"? "Mac-Bi-day"?

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    mac bee doo yuh,

    plus ou moins (more or less):)
  6. Wes
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    Re: What I'd like to know...

    I thought it was Mac-bi-dool.

    Very promising rumours. Dual 2.3ghz would take a p4 4ghz.
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    Re: What I'd like to know...

    Oh man! that is so easy to pronunce:D When I talk in english for me "beach" and "bitch" sounds the same, I just pronunce something in between hoping for people to undertand what I really mean:rolleyes:
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    that's the correct one. (whereas the 'yuh' is hardly more than a 'y')
    anyway - I don't really buy their "we know too much" thing. sounds too cheap....
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    Re: PPC970 and WWDC Rumors: Part 2

    IBM already has specs on a 1.1 Volt PPC 970@ 1.2Ghz. Dissipation is only 19watts making it more efficient than the current Powerbook 1Ghz processors used by 10watts.
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    I think there is to much difference in clockspeed and also the 2.3 GHz is a bit too high.
    I think we'll see 1.4, 1.8, 2x1.8

    And that would still rock! Aight!? :D
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    WOW!!! a dual 2.3ghz. I am slobbering right now.
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    Doesn't sound to accurate to me. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but I won't really believe it until we see it from some more reliable sources.

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    This is worth a laugh.


    April Fools Day isn't until next week....
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    With new PowerPC 970 machines mac users may win twice:

    1. We may have faster macs available to us.
    2. They may also do a hefty price drop on the current line up. To make room for the new stuff.
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    Mr. Anderson

    But what I question is why just duals on the top end - that's a huge difference in performance and will it be two CPUs or 1 dual core CPU.....

    looking forward to finding out.

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    Since this is a rumor, lets hypothesize on real world performance.
    I've heard that the 970 is upto 4 times faster than an equivalent G4. Lets assume 2 times. Front side bus (FSB) is approximately 5 time faster (970@6.4 vs G4@1.3). For bus constrained, 2 times is reasonable. A little apples and oranges, no apples and prunes here:D . A 1.8 GHz 970 would roughly be equivalent to a 3.6 GHz G4, about 2.9 speed up factor.
    Now lets use Adobe's recently released numbers for a P4 @ 3.06 GHZ and a dual G4 1.25GHz. Some say Adobe is not optimized for dual processors, so say a single and dual G4 are the same. The Adobe number for the G4 was 1 minute 25 seconds or 85 seconds. Take the 85 seconds for the G4 @ 1.25 and divide by our speed up factor of 2.9 and we get about 29 seconds.
    This is (theoretically) almost twice as fast as a P4@ 3.06GHz.
    Cool! :cool:
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    Yum yum

    1.4 Ghz = cool :)
    1.8 Ghz = even cooler :cool:
    Dual 2.3 Ghz = Slobbering!!!! <wiping chin> :D :D

    I'll save my pennies for 970 PowerBook and Dual 2.3 Ghz PowerMac. This is great news.

    I'm glad I held off buying a 17" Powerbook.

    CheekGit :D
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    I do not think this will happen, and I for one am not holding my breath on it either. I would not xpect a new line of processors for about another year from Apple.

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    Where have you head this?
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    a long time. there is really no point at the moment. the g4 has long legs when it comes to notebook usage. the powerbook should get a good 3-5 revs before switching architecture. that translates to a good two years.

    the g4 in the notebook world is the chip to beat, and has been for a good two yrs now.
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    Does anybody know what prevented the PowerBook from getting a G4 until a year after the G4 was released? I'm just wondering if were making too many assumptions about a 970 PowerBook being released soon after the chip itself is released...
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    doesn't anyone read the rules around here?
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    I really do believe that if the IBM chip gets a release this summer then the powerbook will get a slower version in the autumn. After all, its the year of the laptop. Just remember, the 1.2Ghz 970 uses less power than the G4, less heat which = a very good laptop. Not to mention the performance increase. Also, this would allow Apple to move the iBook to the G4 which will be better for OSX (being G4 optimised).
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    If they dont come out or announce new powermacs but the Panther demo runs really fast and smooth, then they have the G5 running the demo but not ready to announce yet.
    I think they will just announce the new chip even if it takes them a long time to ship like the powerbook did. They can't compete anymore without it.

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