PPCs blocked out of Skype for good

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by EddieX, May 14, 2013.

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    I use an old iBook G3 (!) for watching videos, a little surfing and sometimes skyping. When I launched Skype recently, the program started, and as the contacts appeared, a window came up that said: "A new version of Skype is now available,, which you must download and install if you want to continue using Skype", or something like that. This had also happened on my main Mac, and when I downloaded it had bugs. Nevertheless, once I had installed the new program, I was able to use one of the old ones on the newer Mac. However, this new program does not run on PPCs, one can download it but not install it, which means that, effectively, one cannot use Skype on PPCs anymore. Any thoughts/solutions?
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    Thoughts? I dislike this. Solutions? Sorry, I don't have any :(:mad:
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    huh? Skype works still on my ibook G4.
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    This is not surprising at all.
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    I logged in on my MDD earlier today. I'll check the version number in a bit.
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    Would you happen to be running version ?
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    Uhm…so let me get this straight. You were notified that you had to update and even after knowing that Skype dropped PowerPC a few years back you went ahead and updated? You didn't realize that you'd end up with an Intel version of Skype? is the last PowerPC version. I just logged in, put myself online and no issues. And NO warnings about Skype tossing me out because my Mac happens to be PowerPC. Of course, in my Skype preferences I have "Check for updates automatically" unchecked.

    PowerPC is not "blocked." It is no longer supported and has not been for some time. But it's not blocked.
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    Which means, EddieX, the solution you asked for is as simple as uninstalling Skype and installing version instead. Then you should be good to go again.
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    Skype works with no issues. We're not blocked, just not supported. However, the good folks at Skype still allows us to connect with such version.
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    Pfft, new Mac Skype sucks anyway compared to Windows. I use a Mac, I love it, not trying to troll, but when I used windows the skype on Windows was WAAAAAAY better then Mac Skype. It feels half assed.


    **** I didn't read the OP, try an older version?
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    Lil Chillbil

    I can't help but feel that that was trolling? you come into the powerpc section thinking that were talking about windows?

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    I was saying modern Mac skype sucks compared to modern windows skype, dude. I was saying there's NO POINT in the new Mac Skype version because it sucks.
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    Everyone has preferences I guess,I don't Skype that much anyways I just thought it really got DROPPED.I love hearing about windows on macrumors LOL NO SOLICITING
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    Lil Chillbil

    Defensive Much?
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    I have to, either for business or interviews.
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    Nope. I was running a pre- version, and I unchecked automatic updates. What I did do was download the version to which the notification referred (it wasn't an automatic update, it demanded a manual update), knowing that I wouldn't be able to run it, but hoping that its presence would mean that, upon detection, the notification would not appear when I ran the pre- version. But thanks for the info on your status, it's useful to know you can run skype with no problems, I'll have to try something else.


    Yes, I went through my files and deleted everything remotely having to do with skype, and after this I installed (thanks for the link, btw, that was thoughtful of you), and got it running smoothly. Thanks for the help!
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    Videochat off now here with Skype 2.8.
    It's simply incredible that a huge community of mac users in the world, that still using their old macs, can't use videchat anymore.
    It will be ok if old pcs could not use old Skype version with videochat as same of old mac users, BUT, for some UNEXPLAINED reason, old pc with old os version as XP for example still get the latest version with all the features working.
    Now, if skype team still working and supporting these version of operating system and old pc WHY, they cut out a version feature that, unitl now, was working SIMPLY GREAT on old macs?
    So disappointing...
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