Pre-Order's for Xbox 360 gone but its ok!!

Discussion in 'Games' started by wrxguy, Oct 24, 2005.

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    yes all over the first shippment of xbox 360's are all can't preorder them BUT I wanted to share that you are not out of luck. ALL best buy's are no taking pre orders but are doing "first come first serve" so you show up on the 22nd (or in my case the 21st :D) and wait in line and BAM, there you go!
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    i still dont see how they wont have enough 360s on launch day. They had plenty of Halo 2 copies ready. The launch date is about a month away, cant they step up production a little? I need to start calling around and see if i can snag me a box.
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    They released the controllers for the XBOX 360 a few days ago...

    they are known as "XBOX 360 Controller for Windows" and costs $5 more than the real controller - the only difference is the "for Windows" comes with a disc with drivers on it. The controller WILL work with XBOX 360; likewise, any XBOX 360 controller will work with Windows (as long as the user can download/has access to drives). Windows XP SP1+ only at the moment.

    So they obviously have enough controllers to go around.

    If you plan on buying XBOX 360, may wanna stock up on the controllers so on launch day you have controllers for it - they are wired only, though.
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    Great, I was all prepared to just say to myself "You don't need an XBox 360 now, they won't even be in stock anyways". And then you go and tell me this, how am I suppose to save money? :)
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    I would expect from microsoft...trying to make a huge demand for a product, if they just made enough units, more people will buy it.
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    Glad I preordered months ago. I don't think the shortage is fabricated in any way. No one has ever tried to ship a new console to 3 continents within 30 days before now.

    They could have followed Sony & Nintendo's model: ship here first, then Japan 6 months later, then Europe 6 months after that. Then there would be enough. But they've stated publicly that they would rather have us all get some, instead of some getting all.

    I know sooo many people who are getting one of these. People who don't follow gaming closely salivate when I tell them what it does. They always say "what, is it just better graphics?" When they hear about all the new features, they inevitably say "man, that's what i'm talking about." Then I tell them it'll be out in less than a month, and their jaws drop.;)
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    Where can you Pre-order these? The best buy I went to yesterday had nothign about this! I did preorder DOA 4 though. Can you do this at the customer service desk?

    And do you know if they'll be having a midnight sale or regular business hours?

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    These things won't be sold out. Microsoft will make sure that every gunner in America who can afford one will have one by Early December latest. You see, they need to get one into everyone's house simultaneously, before those who have been disappointed by games such as Test drive not looking anywhere as good as in the trailer can warn those who are waiting for the next shipment.

    I went to and watched the "official trailer" for Test Drive, and then watched a few gameplay footage videos on that same site and was appalled at how the trailer didn't so much as hint at the game's actual visual quality.

    The only gameplay *footage* I've seen so far that looks at all impressive (even allowing for the low-res aspect of the online videos) is Perfect Dark Zero, which looks great for a console but is distinctly non-nextgen from what I could discern. Gears of War looks horrible except in cut-scene videos and still images.
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    Compared to what? Gears of war is a gorgeous Unreal 3 title. Show me a better looking game that is in playable form.
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    I second that. Download the 720p trailer. It's the best looking game I've ever seen, and I play HL2 @ 1600x1200 with all the options on.

    The difference HD is going to make is where 360 and PS3 will shine. The "worst" graphics on 360 will look light years ahead of anything current because it will be in high def. Tiny web trailers can't convey the graphical clarity these systems will achieve.
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    read the first post, there are NO pre-orders. you just go on the 22nd and wait in line ....
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    if i do get ahold of a xbox 360, ebay here i come. who knows how much they will go for.
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    You, sir, are a genius. I should have thought of that before the preorders ended.
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    I preordered mine the first day EBGames had them available... very much looking forward to playing with my Xbox 360 on 11/22 or thereabouts. :)
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    If there is a shortage I think it will be very short lived. The first PSP's were sold out pretty quick but a second shipment came in about two weeks later at the game stores and Best Buy. I seem to recall that the first shipment of the Nintendo DS was the same. After Christmas there were loads of them. If you can't find one wait about a month or so and they'll be in stock again. The real disapointment will be all those kids (adult kids too) who wanted one in time for Christmas.
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    The problem is Microsoft hasn't given their official allocations to any stores yet, so every EBgames and Gamestop are sold out of their first shipment since they only allocated around 20 units to the first shipment.

    Hell, I pre-ordred back in August and i was already on the 2nd shipment. If anything, we'll run into a PSP scenario where all the videogame stores were sold out from all the preorders, but there are dozens sitting in Target.

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