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Premier alleges Apple iTunes breaches patents

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 17, 2005.

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    uhh shouldn't they also be suing other portable music makers also every computer maker as well that packages mp3 software and all mp3 software… so many people too sue lost track :eek:
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    Everyone must find the need to sue Apple and ONLY Apple, even if clearly it's not just Apple or what-have-you. You know, I need to sue Apple, I hear they breathe air at 1 Infinite Loop, and I breathe air too... hmmm... I think I'll go contact the nearest litigious pr*** lawyers, I smell money!
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    and why are they only suing now ? Apple has been doing this for a couple of years already.
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    Probably cause they just got their patent approved
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    No leg to stand on

    Since iTunes has changed relatively little in it's 5 years since it was purchased from Cassady and Greene, with the exception of the iPod integration, these guys have jack worth of a case since C&G has soundJam 'round about oh. . . '97. Two Words: Blow Me
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    On a second note, everyone wants to sue Apple Over iTunes/iPod related stuff. Why? ? ? Not because they actually think that their patent was infringed upon, but because they think they can get some sharing of profits from it.
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    Where does the bandwagon start, and where do I hop on? I've been looking for a way to pay for college without working...
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    Court is expensive, so it's normally the last step. Normally rights holders start with letters and attempting to talk. If that gets the job done, that's the end of it. If the courts come into it, the normal thing to do is pick one example. If the decision is favorable, any other reluctant parties then have a greater incentive to settle.

    Apple show up in these suits lately because they would most likely be the single largest infringers (assuming the patents are valid and really are incorporated in the Apple products).

    There are approximately eleventy billion gazillion companies named "Premier" but these people are the ones making the claims.
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    I have a system for making lists. I wonder if I can get a patten for it? Or am I also at risk of getting sued.
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    Not the drum makers then!
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    Love it!:cool: :D
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    Not this time, but I wouldn't count them out yet. Their recent bold move into the thriving bagpipe market could be a sign of things to come, and it may only be a matter of time before they've completed enough acquisitions to challenge Apple in consumer electronics.

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