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Premiere constant freezing

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Dukey, Feb 5, 2013.

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    My premiere projects keeps freezing and I can't seem to figure out why. I'm not doing some crazy rendering or anything. Basic edits. I open it, work anywhere from 10-20minutes and it stops working and I have to force quick or the beach ball spins forever. I think it's my 5400 rpm hard drive... I'm running a late 2011 Mac book Pro

    Processor 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7
    Memory 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB

    Any clue?
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    how big is the project?
    how many clips?
    how many sequences?

    editting from an external drive is always reccomended. But not USB
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    If its not the computer its your clips.
    What kind are they?
    AVCHD, ProRes, h.264 etc....
    Of course it could be the app as well.
    But you would need to give us some kind step as to who it freezes.
    Ive been using Premiere Pro a lot lately.
    buggy mofo :p

    I use all the NLEs so please no need to flame :)
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    Hey MBox, I agree about the clips, that can be a problem too.

    I get freaked out when PP has more than 200 clips, sequences, songs, etc in it. The stability gets a little hit and miss at that point.
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    Hey thanks for the replies.

    I'm editing an acting reel so I'm working with various codecs(as PP edits natively for the most part).

    -Got about 5 clips I'm editing from(mp4, avi, h.264, DVCPRo)
    -Around 8 sequences

    Not a very big project at all, so I started editing from my MBP Hard drive I have a 0 Raid I can work from but I didn't think it would be that necesary with this project. You think it would be much faster or fluid if I worked off the external for such a small project?

    Basically, I start editing putting in text and then the source monitor or any window stops responding to the timeline, then the beach ball spins and I have to force quit or it does it forever.

    I know 5400 rpm is pretty slow, especially when editing off of the drive and running complex programs but do you think it's the main reason for the issue? I edit much bigger projects with PP cs6 at work and it seems to be fine. I just got the laptop used so I'm still figuring it out.
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    Yea you would think that your project is small enough to get by on that but Ive ran into simple 20 min clips that ends up taking up as much resources as a huge project due to problem codecs.
    All the codecs you mentioned should have worked so maybe its the mixed codecs that are causing.
    Any chance you can convert all clips to one like ProRes?

    As far as 5400, thats too slow specially if its the main drive.
    Should never work of the main drive even on a Mac Pro.
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    Have you noticed any consistency between the freezes? Does it always do it on certain clips (maybe clips all from the same master clip)? Does it always do it when you apply certain effects/filters or add text? If you work in another project does it still freeze? Does it always do it at the same timecode location in the timeline? Have you noticed anything like that?
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    No but I'd like to try making all the clips prores to see what happens.
    Why not work on the main drive? I understand 5400 is slow but what if it's a solid state(which I'm planning on installing)?

    Nope no consistency.
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    So even if you make a new project with all new media that you haven't used before it crashes? If that's the case I'd delete the program and reinstall it. Have you installed any new programs or software/firmware/driver updates for anything recently?
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    SO I tried a few things.

    -I reinstalled premiere suite cs6. Still freezes.
    -It seems to freeze often(not every time) when I resize my my video messing around with the motion effects control.
    -Used an external hard drive with fire wire and it still froze.
    -I worked on another project doing simple cuts using canon MK II and III footage and it never froze.

    So maybe its the codecs I'm working with? Still maybe my slow hard drive.
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    Have you tried converting the clips to prores? This might help.

    Does your computer ever exhibit bad behaviour with other apps? personally, I have always found macbook hard drives to be garbage, especially if you haul it around alot.
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    CS6 Premiere Freezes

    I have two Promise Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt RAID-5 drives and CS6 Premiere still freezes - the primary reasons seem to be: 1) certain CODECs, 2) jumping the pointer to a new clip & a new head position 3) complex video effect(s) applied (i.e. shadow & brightness, NeatVideo, crops) to each clip.

    Premiere seems to have heartburn with AVCHD's codec(s). It seems to prefer MXF and ProRES formats which it seems to fly through during a render. There is a front end App, Prelude CS6, prior to Premiere that can engest various clips with various CODECs to sanitize your clips to one CODEC format.

    With AVCHD cameras, I place the camera's entire set of AVCHD clips in one timeline, then I apply only basic video effects (like color correct for each clip), saving at the end of each effect before the next clip, then generating a pre-render 10 bit uncompressed .mov.

    Once pre-rendered, I can pick and choose which pre-rendered clips to place within the movie's timeline and to add more complicated effects (like NeatVideo). Now if CS6 Premiere tries to do a save while in NeatVideo, then the app will freeze. But if you save constantly, then you won't loose that much work.
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    ^ AGREED but I just want to sit down and edit lol I hate the fact that I have to save every minute and anticipate every freeze at any moment. I'll try and convert the clips to prores and finally see what the deal is. Because it looks like at this point it's either Premiere or the hard drive.

    I also noticed how it freezes when I move a lot and fast around the time line along with effects controls. Maybe it's really the codecs? I haven't had any trouble with other programs. None the less I will be purchasing my SSD soon.

    Its crazy how it's the program since I always loved premiere for the fact that u can import native formats. Shoot is if I had to convert everytime I needed to edit and FCP was better I would have stuck with it or moved to avid...

    I'm kind of mid project at this point any suggestion on the best method of transfering file or converting files. If I convert all the clips with the same name and subfolder will I be able to just reconnect the clips or do I have to redo everything cut(if that's the case I'll just try n finished project best I could).
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    I doubt the 5400 RPM HDD is the source of your problem as you are not really using large codecs that would stress your HDD's read/write ability. Codecs that use inter-frame compression like MPEG2, H.264, AVCHD are very CPU/GPU intensive and PPro's advertised speed comes from their Mercury Playback Engine (more on that below). Intra-frame compression, like what ProRes, DVCPro HD, DNxHD, Cineform, etc.,. use is much less computationally intensive, but they tend to have high bit rates which means you need bigger, faster HDDs.

    Speaking of the Mercury Playback Engine, it needs CUDA GPU support which only select NVIDIA cards have. Adobe is trying to expand GPU acceleration into OpenGL so ATi cards will be supported but it's my understanding that the acceleration gains are not nearly as promenant as if you were using a supported NVIDIA card.

    I am far from a PPro expert, but I'm looking to get more into it and these are things I've picked up while researching the program.
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    Thanks for the post. So I was having the same conversation at work and people noticed my Hard drive was low(30gb for a 512gb) and my RAM was low because I was running a few programs without restarting for a couple of days (around 1.5gb).

    So emptied my trash and restarted with a 100gb free and 14gb of RAM free and it still did the same thing. A co worker had mentioned that it could be the RAM on my Graphics Card and that may be it....

    I checked a couple MAc Pros and Imacs at work and there seems to be a few with 512mb graphics card that never seem to have a problem. There was a 1gb graphics card that's used for Maya that seemed to work alright too...

    I looked into replacing my graphics card but it seems rather impossible to do with a MBP unless ran externally :(... Any idea what I should do now?
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    Have you tried going to Adobe's official forums or contacting Adobe support directly? The knowledge base for PPro is pretty thin in this neck of the woods.
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    The better question is have you converted the files to prores yet?
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    No I haven't converted the clips to ProRes yet because I'm 75% close to being done with the project and I don't know if I want to back track to the point where I have to recut everything. You think if I made all the clips to ProRes and stuck with the same file name I'll be able to reconnect the clips with everything in place as it was before?

    Also my other question would be, what would be the next best codec to convert to if not prores. I tried exporting the clip form PP with encoder but ProRes doens't seem to be an option.

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