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Preordered Luxa H4 Stand:)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by btdvox, Apr 28, 2010.

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    Luxa H4 Looks awesome!! Made by the makers of my 1200 Watt PSU haha Thermaltake.
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    I have the iPhone version and love it. I will definitely get the iPad version to match.
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    It's a portrait mode only stand? No landscape? That's odd. Seems like you would want it to do both for movies or other times you want the iPad sideways.
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    It rotates and flips.
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    Meh...looks too utilitarian for me.
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    It looks good to me. Post pictures when you get it!
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    The Jadu or TwelveSouth stands are a better way to go, especially if you have the desire to take it along with you.

    The Luxa looks nice, but is just too big and clunky in comparison.
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    Jadu for the win!!!!
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    Or course but this is not meant to be a portable stand.
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    Exactly. And why the ones I mentioned are money better spent.
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    Gah, I want the H5 so badly!!!
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    I don't agree. They totally don't function the same way.
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    I bought one, never use it it. if anyone wants to buy it send me a pm.

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