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Pressing the volume button does not adjust the ring level in iOS7.01??

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by gerrard0804, Sep 23, 2013.

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    Updated my 5s to 7.01. When I press the volume button in home screen, it just adjusts the music sound level but not the ring level. I have to go into the setting>sound, the ringer level can then be adjusted with button. Is it a bug?
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    You can increase ring level while someone is calling you if you didnt disable this function at settings/sounds
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    this function is on in my phone's setting, but the ring level is not increased with the button on home screen.
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    Is it your first iPhone? Because it always been like that, also on iOS6. The ring level wont increase while being on home screen....
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    It did on my iPhone 4S in iOS 6. If I wasn't playing a podcast or song in the background, pressing the volume up and volume down buttons in the home screen changed the "Ringer" volume. I can't remember what it did if I had headphones plugged in (while not playing podcasts or music).
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    You should be able to change the ringer volume on the home screen. I just tested it.


    Do you have the 'Change with Buttons' toggled on?

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    Oh damn, really sorry, i forgot that i have disabled changing ringtone sound with buttons :/ thanks ;)
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    I hardreset it and it returns to normal now, thanks all:)

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