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Pretty Please

Discussion in 'iPod' started by srhtinker, Jan 20, 2007.

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    First, my name is Sarah. Happy to be a newbie.
    I was hoping that I would not have to drive 45 min. to Orlando to the Apple Store just to see what is wrong with my husbands iPod.
    It plays the imports but not the iTunes anymore.
    Any advice is welcome.

    Thank You
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    Hi Sarah, and welcome to macrumors. By imports, you mean the CDs you've imported? By itunes, you mean the music you have purchased from the iTunes store? Is the machine authorized? Simply click on the Advanced tab, and click the authorize computer option, enter your password, and try uploading to your ipod again.
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    Did you try authorizing the account?
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    I'm going to complicate you. What account ?

    Yes. Imported CD's and puchased songs from iTunes
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    I guess my question is what do you mean the itunes is not playing through the ipod? I assume you mean the songs that you have purchased through the itunes store. What i suggested is to make sure the account is authorized on your computer. To do this, just click on the Advanced tab in iTunes, and click on authorize account; then enter your password and e-mail, and try to play the songs again.

    I mean here. Mine reads de-authorize, because I have already authorized it.

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    We have personal settings on the computer so I'm having to switch user. I went to his iTunes. Account was authorized and he mentioned to me before that he already went through the restore setup.
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    So the account is authorized. Can you play them in iTunes from the computer? If not, what message do you get? Is this something just on the iPod? When you try to play songs off the iPod, what happens? Does it just not play? Is there simply no sound? Do you get a message (not likely)?
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    Thats what his said.
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    His what? His iPod, his computer?
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    iTunes do play from the computer but not from iPod
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    Have you tried restoring the ipod and then re-uploading your library.
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    sorry, that reply was from your pic. display

    He did all of that
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    OK, you're going to have to be as detailed as possible, and describe exactly what's wrong. Use the quote button to answer specific posts, and take your time when answering. :)
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    I was just playing the iPod. the vibrations feel rough, like it needs oil
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    That's fairly interesting. Usually when you have something that plays in iTunes, it plays off the iPod. Try deleting a song (or album) that do not play on the iPod from the iPod, and upload them again, it might have been a tranfering error. If that doesn't work, call Apple tomorrow (if you bought the iPod less than 90 days ago), and they might give you a suggestion. Another thing you can do, though a bit drastic, is if you have all the music you want on your computer, you can restore your iPod to original settings, and import all the music from iTunes directly. If that fails, you have a buggy iPod, and it will need to be sent in for repair. Hope this helps.
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    That's never a good thing. Try restoring the iPod, which can be done in iTunes.

    Keep in mind, this deletes all of the music off of the iPod, so make sure you have all of it in iTunes on your computer.

    How old is the iPod? Do you have the extended warranty?
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    What kind of vibrations?
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    iTunes did play from his iPod, now they don't. I went under his iTune list from his iPod and picked an album. The screen is scrolling through the album covers so fast (that's when it vibrates). It's not letting me select.

    Like holding a cell phone vib. but less

    Bought a year ago, need to check the warranty
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    Sounds like the hard drive.
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    Generally, vibrating can be a sign of hard drive failure. iPods come with a 1 year warranty (or 2 years if you bought extended coverage).

    Have you tried restoring the iPod? Link

    If restoring doesn't work, take it to an Apple Store ASAP.
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    ya'll made me relize that he did everything ya'll have mentioned, but I think it comes down to the point that Apple needs to open that sucker up like a clam for surgery.

    I'll let you know what happens.
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    curiousity-what pod? if it's a nano, I can't figure where a vibration would come from. if it's a 20/30/60/80gb, then it's the drive.
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    Have you figured this one out yet.... Curious to know what the problem was or still is!

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