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Preview 6.0: NO hand tool?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by bizdata, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Hello. Hand tool disappeared in Preview 6.0!? I used to scroll through multipage PDF documents with my Wacom pen. But now I can't! WTF? This is extremely frustrating!
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    Yep same here.. I'm disappointed that the Hand/Move tool isn't around anymore :( Weird that they got rid of it ! :confused:
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    Come to think of it .. the Trackpad and Magic Mouse work just fine though.. could scroll using any of those ;D
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    Every time a feature is taken away we have to find a second hand solution to it.

    It shouldn't work that way. What made them take away this useful feature?
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    In most apps, holding the spacebar lets you click and drag the document around. Does that still work?
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    Feed Me

    Remember when they took out the ability to pan around in iPhoto with click & drag? People went nuts and Apple eventually reimplemented it.

    What do they have against this feature? :(
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    Nope, space bar appears to act as a page down. Like the OP, I use a Wacom tablet - and now reading PDF's in Preview is incredibly difficult.
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    Frustrating really. Which is why I've got Lion's Preview 5.2.2 back. Here's the how-to.
    (Thanks fheusel!)
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    I'd like to voice my frustration as well. Not everyone uses a GD trackpad or mighty mouse. Bring back the panning tool, for the love.
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    Or install Better Touch Tool and put whatever gestures you like back in Preview.
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    Grab scroll is your friend

    if you use wacom type stylus, search for smartscroll from marcmoini

    The 'grab scroll' option allows you to add a 'hand' type effect to anything, your wacom pen will become a million times more useful!

    I have the 2nd button assigned to grab, so you can swish around in finder, and even click and drag illustrtor windows whilst the type tool is active, which used to require deselecting the type, then hitting space to grab and drag around a window.

    works in preview too - obviously.
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    Get the hand tool back in Preview by holding down option and space

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