Price Drop Confirmed!!! Wait till Jan...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacRoni, Nov 5, 2002.

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    A few hours ago, Apple updated their site, then took down the revision an hour later. Looks like there will only be a $200 price break until the new PB rev. is coming out at MWSF.

    Here's a picture grab:

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    and how does this prove that there are no revisions?? it doesn't even list the powerbook features?? it just confirms a price drop.

    think before you post, and get everyone excited;)

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    it is still about 1200 out of my price range
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    Apple may have jumped the gun on the loan info. There may be a $200 dollar price drop but until we see it and no other changes/ or an update we'll not know for sure.
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    Note that's now 180 days and not 90 days! That means you can spread out your purchase over 6 months and not pay interest. Quite a deal...and it says: "limited time only!"

    So get it while it is hot.

    $1000 iBook at 6 months is $167 a month.

    Not bad! And NO Interest!

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