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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by brenda TN, Aug 27, 2010.

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    I know this would be just taking a guess, but in the past is there a big price jump with the new models or do they run about the same? There are a lot of people selling the 2nd generations that they got with the promotion.
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    They are usually the same, or a bit lower. I don't think the prices have gotten higher once.
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    I think this year, if they add even 80% of what we all are hoping they do, there's no way prices can come down. I also can't see them bringing prices up, because the price points now are precarious as it is.

    The $199 point is a huge draw for them, as a good portion of people can't see dropping 3 or 4 hundred on an iPod, even if it is much more than just an iPod.

    The $299 is a tolerable price point for those who want to get all these new features, but not totally break the bank.

    And the $399 is for those that aren't hurt financially by that sort of money. They have it, so why skimp.

    Raising prices would push the 2nd tier into 3rd tier territory and perhaps make it too rich for most people's blood.
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    I agree with that post. I do not think the prices will go up, since it could mean less units sold.
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    What about increased benefits? Apple items usually cost more due to being better in quality. So if the quality was worth an extra $50, I think most would still pay.
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    I completely agree. The iPod Classic was $299 when I got my 20GB U2 iPod but that came with a $50 iTunes gift card. Now a 160GB iPod Classic is the same $249 that the old 20GB iPod is.

    I believe even if the "top of the line" iPod Touch is 128GB with Camera and Video Recorder and all of the other bells and whistles everyone is hoping for the price tag will still be $399. There has been a bar set and I can't imagine them jacking the price up in this economy. Especially with the iPad out there looming at $499 minimum.
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    You can argue about that. You would, maybe I would too but I am not sure about everybody. Various people are willing to pay various prices for goods (not only electronics, but everything else).
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    Take a look at the trend in Apple prices for their new products this year. Prices will be higher.
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    Prices are up on everything that goes into it (labor, materials, shipping, etc). Apple is also expected to add cost items to the last gen touch (camera, etc). The only way it will be the same or cheaper is if Apple reduces it's margins considerably (which it has never done on it's products). I would love to see it at the same cost or lower but it's not going to happen.
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    Prices may increase, but I highly doubt that it would be more than $50. Steve Jobs said that they were focused on getting prices down. I just hope that doesn't cut into features.
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    True, but the fact is, most people have a cap. For some, it's $200, for some $300, or maybe $400 for others. And if their cap is $300, and the $399 model makes dinner, cleans the kitchen, and puts the kids to bed at night, they are still gonna buy the $299 model. Simply raising the price to $349 will simply lead to less units moved, and mostly like, less money made in the long run.
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    Then are the wanted features feasible?
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    Yeah I have a $300 cap for this, which based on the current pricing should get me a 32GB touch with at least more features than the current model. Sure I could go higher if I wanted however I really don't want to spend that much on an iPod.

    Maybe if it had the ability to record video in HD or very good quality video I might spend more because that would pretty much ensure that I would be able to replace my flip video for good. Plus I could sell the flip video I have now and get some extra money for the iPod. Come on apple this is your chance to steal the flip video's market! I can't be the only one longing for a flip video replacement.
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    That is why I believe there will be many unhappy people when the new Touch is announced. They will not have all the new features people want and it will be more expensive.

    People will end up voting negative on the MR story for the new Touch and the forums will be full of post of people complaining. In the end though, most people who were looking to purchase a Touch, will buy the Touch even though it doesn't have all the features they want and is more expensive.
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    That's the question that Apple has to ask themselves each year. And also the reason we might not get ALL the new features we've been talking about the last few months. I mean, we can think of a logical reason why each of the new features would be on the new touch, but can Apple financially do ALL of them? We'll find out soon.

    What always hit me as the biggest argument against the new touch having everything, is the unsubsidized price of the iPhone.

    The unsubsidized price of the 32GB iPhone is $699. Subtract the phone components, subtract the GPS components. And whatever else I've failed to mentioned that the iPhone needs to be an iPhone, and see if that can bring you down to $299. Seems like a huge feat.

    Taking that into account, I think Apple would lean more to the side of keeping price points alone, then adding more hardware and upping the price.

    Then again, Apple may have some alternative plan up their sleeve for all the iPods. We never know what we are going see until we see it.
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    It costs Apple $188 to make a 16G iPhone 4. Subtract the cost for the 3G radio and add in the price difference between a 16GB and 32Gb flash card.

    It's quite feasible to keep the same pricing structure and add in the goodies. Check out the prices for some of these features:

    iPhone 4 Teardown
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    Seriously. If they take out the GPS/Phone parts its is actually very possible to give all those features with the same price.
    Also if you look at this article, http://www.emsnow.com/newsarchives/archivedetails.cfm?ID=21201 it shows that the iPod Touch 1st gen was only worth 150 to make.. so again its possible.

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