Print Sharing is Destroying My Soul

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by luckyparadox, May 31, 2004.

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    I'm going to rip my ears off my head if I can't get this to work. Can anybody help me?

    I'm trying to connect to my home network to print some files. there are two PCs and my Powerbook connected to a router, which is connected to a cable modem. There are printers attached to both PCs. Now, I can get one of the PCs to show up in Finder (only as an Alias). It also shows up in the Add Printer dialog--but no printers show up. On each of the PCs I've enabled sharing, I've moved them all to the same Workgroup ("Workgroup"), but no dice.

    Also, the Add Printer dialog as well as Finder keep asking for a password to access the network PCs, when there aren't any passwords set for them (at least I don't know if they are, nor do I know how to change them.) It also says "Cannot open because the original item cannot be found."

    Anybody have any ideas?

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    You need the passwords for those machines.
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    Its like 10 times easier if you can connect this printer to your Mac and then turn on Printer Sharing in the System Preferences. Thats what I do with my Brother Laser Printer. I have it connected to my iMac and I share it to both my IBM and my Gateway server. Its usually a good idea to have the same username/passwords on both the Mac and the PC. Make sure you don't have the OS X Firewall turned on, or if it is then make sure its configured properly.

    What kind of printer is this anyways? If there aren't any OS X drivers for it then it may not work. You may get another driver to work with a similar model.
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    I'm having trouble doing that with my mom's eMac running 10.3.4! She has an HP Deskjet 840c connected to her computer. I have a LAN in our house (her HP computer [Windows ME :(] and eMac, and my little sis's AMD K6 box connected to hub which is connected to a WLAN router that has my PC and sometimes my PowerBook on it). So I go into Sys Prefs and set all of the necessary settings (win file sharing, printer sharing, etc.) on the eMac. She wants to be able to print from the HP if needed to the Deskjet (they're in the same room), so I go Printers & Faxes and set up the printer. Sometimes it shows up in browse, sometimes I have to manually type it in, but I get it in there. I select the correct driver and everything, but when I go to print something, nothing happens. It doesnt work either if i set up the Printer to be directly plugged into the HP and then connect it and try to print! This worked fine on her old iMac and her eMac! What's going on!?!? My PC can't use it either!
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    What do you mean that you "select the correct driver"? The choice of driver depends on the OS, the printer model, and the connection method. Which OS did you mom have on her old iMac and eMac?
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    That's what it's telling me, but I don't have passwords set for those machines. There aren't even separate XP users--so I don't understand what password it's looking for.
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    The thing is I don't have printers to install on my machine--there's no room in my room. My sister and my mom have printers in their rooms, so I figure I would just connect to them while I'm at home. When I'm at school I have a nifty printer/scanner connected to my computer, but that's just too big to set up in my tiny bedroom.

    About the drivers--how do I install drivers on my machine? I'm thinking I have to first locate the printer in the Add Printers dialog--no? How do I get those PCs to not show up as Aliases?
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    I mean I selected the correct driver for the PC. I downloaded the driver from HP's website. HP listed it as the driver for Win 9.x and she has ME, so it's supposed to work. When I tried to print to the printer from my PC (XP) it didn't work either. Yes, I used the driver for that OS. The iMac was OS 9.2.2 and the eMac 10.3.4. It works on the eMac. Prints just fine. The PCs are the ones having trouble. :rolleyes:

    edit: One thing I remembered was that the driver I installed on the HP was for direct connection. This shouldn't matter, though, because I have the HP set up to also print to my PC and the driver it has installed is the one straight off the CD (direct connection).
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    So I've downloaded the drivers for my HP Deskjet 842C printer, and I reinstalled the printer on my sister's PC. So now I was finally able to select the thing on my mac.

    But now, when I try to print something, the printer just spews out pages upon pages of binary code and other gibberish.

    Does anybody have any idea what is going on here?

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