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printer problems! hp psc 950. please help

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by phillyag, Nov 4, 2003.

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    i have purchased my first mac (switched from pc), but i'm having troubles with my printer.

    the printer is an hp psc 950 (all-in-one) connected by usb. when i first set it up everything was fine - printed from different applications. then it stopped.... the job would be in the print queue, but it would not print. i received a communication error. this happened more and more, so i downloaded the updated driver (May '03) and installed. it was working fine again, but after a few jobs it stopped.

    any suggestions? thanks.
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    I have 750 all in one and had similar problem. Message me on AIM, there are a few things that can be tried there.
    AIM screenname: DimitriFSB
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    i don't have AIM set up at work.... IT guys not too fond of us setting it up.... if we could communicate through the board that would be great.

    is this a stable fix, or am i going to have to turn the computer and/or printer on and off, etc. as long as i have this printer? if so, i would much rather buy a COMPATIBLE printer. not the reason i bought an apple..... this is not an "easy switch" like they claim..... makes me feel like i'm dealing with windows again.
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    I'm not sure if i can just write the whole thing out here.
    It's one of those step by step things. Besides some things will have to be checked first. Do you have a comp at home? you can message me from home, i'll see what can be tried there... (even if printer at work)
    Besides I think you will need my driver... they don't publish it on HP site, so it will have to be sent to you most likely - 750 one.
    But with that driver I'm not sure if fax will work directly thru 950 though.

    PS. no. this is a driver error only. once it's configured out, it should work the way it is supposed to.
    It's just HP discontinued 750 and 950 series before 10.2 came out. So the last driver they have offcially is for 10.1.
    They updated it abit for 10.2 but only publiched 950 one though.
    And it is buggy as hell. You may also have problems with the scanner.

    I'm usually online after 6pm EST.

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