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Printer sharing between Macs & PCs? Howto...?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacDuff, Jul 10, 2004.

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    Hi all,
    Can someone tell me how I can have printer sharing between my Dell PC and my Powerbook? They're both connected on the same network at my home in different rooms and I'd like to be able to print from my powerbook directly to the printer connected to the Dell.

    Can someone tell me if this is possible (which I'm pretty sure it is), and how I can do this? Do I use Print Setup Utility?

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    I assume you can setup the Dell to share the printer yes?

    Go to Printer Setup Utility

    Add new printer

    From the new printer window select Windows Printing

    And hopefully the printer should show up, you might need to go through the Workgroup and then find your computer and the printer should be there
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    On the Dell, go to the printer's options and choose the "Sharing" tab. Give it a name and share it just as you would if you were sharing it with a Windows computer.

    Now go to the PowerBook. Open Printer Setup Utility (which it seems you know where to find). Choose the "Add" Button with the printer and a plus button. On the upper pulldown menu, choose "Windows Printing" button (your other choices should be stuff like USB, Rendezvous, etc.)

    The printer should be right there. Just add it; the driver should be auto-configured. You're set.
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    A Mac in a Windows World

    Hmm... I'm having a similar problem... Wonder if anyone can help.

    I'm the only mac on a windows network at work. One of the windows computers (they're all running XP) is sharing a Samsung 1430 printer via USB. All of the other computers can use it, but my Powerbook (running 10.3.4) doesn't seem to recognize it. When I follow the instructions above, I recognize a printer attached to the computer that should be sharing the Samsung 1430, but it's instead a Samsung 1510. The 1510 is also installed on the sharing computer, and it shows up as an option for the other XP computers, but it's not actually attached to the computer.

    Sorry if the explanation's confusing!

    Any ideas? It's sort of embarrassing being the only mac and not being able to share the printer. I'm reduced to sheepishly schlepping a USB Keychain drive over to the computer with the printer every time I need to print.
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    Dang, i did everything you said. But for some reason it asks for a username and password for the windows computer after I locate the computer in "Network Neighborhood". Is that normal? Did you have to do that, cause I don't think we set up a password for the Dell. We just have XP load up without one. Any ideas?
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    Here's a hint from someone who needed to solve the same kind of problem: macosxhints
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    The username should be displayed at the top of the Start Menu on the XP computer ... or Control Panel -> User Accounts

    Try that username and an empty password ... dunno if it'll work.
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    And try to get rid of the spaces in the share name in XP ... this could fix the problem of shared printers not showing up
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    There has to be a username and password for the Dell, even if it's set to use them automatically. You need an admin user name and password. The password might be nothing, but it exists (confusing, I know).

    Try "administrator" for the username and no password. Otherwise, check for the username in control panel and change the password on the Dell using and XP Restore Disk.

    The macosxhints guide is for Jaguar, but look at it to see how to turn on "Print Services for Unix" to see if that helps.

    It really is too bad you've had so many problems with this; I use a laser printer (parallel only - working on getting a parallel print server) connected to a Vaio running 2000 all the time: setup was nearly flawless.
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    Check out something for me .... On the Dell machine go to printers and right click on the shared printers to see the properties. In the properties window go to the security tab. There should be a user "Everyone" .... If not it will ask for ID/Password. If not you should add user "Everyone" by hitting the add button. Make sure you add "Everyone" and not "everyone" :)
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    Thanks man, i'm going to check this out....
    be back
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    I just can't seem to find where you're talking about. Can you be a little more specific? Dells aren't my strongpoint.
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    I am also trying to print to my HP 5550 connected to my dell.
    However, when I go to the windows printing and select HP I can't find my HP 5550!
    what do I do?
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    When you are asked for a username and password

    On the Dell
    1) Go to start
    2) Go "printers and faxes"
    3) Right click on the shared printer
    4) Select "properties"
    5) Select "security" tab
    6) is "Everyone" part of the user name list?

    .... This should provide a solution for when you are asked for username and password after you identified the windows printer on the network (the MacDuff problem) ....
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    5550 covered in Windows Printing?

    Ok, sofar I have not been able to get this to work properly.

    My problem is that I can not find my printer, a HP 5550 in the windows printing under HP. When I select generic it just prints out weird garbage and symbols. When I select another Printer from the list, it prints but the formatting is all messed up. How do I find my HP 5550? I also installed the drivers for it from HP's website, but still did not solve the problem.
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    do i have to look for a hp 5550.ppd? I tried one, (think it was for linux) didn't really work out to well....

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