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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ifjake, Aug 28, 2004.

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    hey. i'm trying to get my roomie's printer to share across the network. and i get it to share fine, i can see it on the network, i can select it, it's wonderful, but when the time comes to select the proper driver, it's not on the menu. so i took the disk that came with it and tried to install all that junk on the computer, hoping that somewhere along the line it would put the drivers somewhere. but i still can't find it. i tried downloading the drivers off of HP's site, but it wasn't encoded correctly or something. so i plug it in directly hoping that the link up would allow something to catch. but i still can't get it to share. its an hp psc 1210. any ideas?
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    What OS is the host machine on?

    Make sure both OS are up to date.

    Here is the link to HP. Works fine for me, so give it a shot:

    You should be able to dowload, install, reboot and connect.

    Make sure you have the correct driver. Which if you installed off the disks you should. You may wish to switch the printer around, connect to Mac and see if that works.
    If all that fails, try running disk utility and fix permissions and see if that helps.

    You can also try GIMP Print. Less friendly but often works.
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    Specs/OS of the computer sharing and the computer trying to connect to the share would be very nice.
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    the printer is on an XP computer and i'm on a Powerbook 10.3.5. sharing isn't really the issue i can get that to work. it's the drivers that aren't goin for me. i'll try to download them again. i got this weird message before that said they weren't encoded right or something. it was strange.
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    okay i got the driver package thing to unpack or whatever. it does allow me to look on the network for the printer through it's own seperate setup app, but it doesn't show up. i can find the printer using the mac print set up, but in that the correct driver isn't there to select.
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    ... so i'm still in need of some help.
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    Does the printer have to be connected to the PC, or could I be connect to the Mac and then the PC connects to the share? I've heard success stories about the connection going that way. If you could do that I'd look for the link.

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