Pro Evolution Soccer on MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by smagdy, Feb 2, 2008.

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    I never had a MAC before so I dono if MacBook's were able to play "Pro Evolution Soccer", So I am wondering if its possible to play it on MacBook Air?

    I know its not gaming machine and I don't play games anyways, but its possible to just play that game if MBA graphics card allow it!

    Any opinions?
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    I was able to get the Winning Eleven 2007 game(which I don't believe is the latest PES) on my macbook at its standard settings. At the time I was only using 1gb of ram and a 2006 C2D macbook. I'm sure that a macbook air will be capable of running the latest version, specially if you lower the settings. I hope that helps.
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    Thanks a lot..

    Do u know if the MBA graphic card is better than the one u had back in 2006 ?
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    could you tell me how you did this please.

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