Pro Looking Pics, with $200 Cameras!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by w_parietti22, Oct 28, 2005.

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    I've found a couple really cool, "pro" looking shots that I've taken with when Canon SD110 that I bought for $200, and its your chance to share yours too! :)

    Here's One:
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    You're discovering something about photography that is important--enjoyable, great, and appealing pictures do not have to be made with an expensive camera and perfect technique (and it's hard to go wrong with those spectacular yellow flowers.)

    Here's a lucky bug shot.

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    Well I luuuuurve photography, and am thinking about getting a Canon Digital Rebel just because of this. And I like how a lot of my photos turn out, although I can't tell you what looks "pro" and what doesn't. I don't even know what to look for, and what to avoid when taking a photo.

    Its really hard to say, isn't it? (Canon A60..... 2 MP)

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    ok well my olympus d-595 cost me $280 so I'm over the $200 limit :p

    But I still have fun with it

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    dude! that's awesome!

    but, what is that-- it looks like a banana on a holly bush

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    Well I took it in the forest, it's an extreme close up of some moss or something growing on a rock. The yellow thing is a dried up tree needle of some kind (pine or douglas fur maybe?)

    I'm currently living in Banff so when I go out taking photos I tried my damndest not to take tourist type pics of the mountains.
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    wow... what is it?

    edit: Around $200. ;)
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    Hot diggidy dayam! :eek:
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    It's moss on a rock! Here's some more! :D

    I had a really good day in the forest a week or 2 back.
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    omg. lol, its so obvious now. :rolleyes:
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    haha yup, but then again how often do you go up and examine moss from 2" away? And yes, the other hikers did give me wierd looks.
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    Ok, I've cheated a little....this is actually 3 shots from my Ixus 400 stuck together... :D

    Pretty neat tho, even if I do say so myself! ;)

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    Nice! Good job with the seams as well!
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    great Ixuspano, and that' a new word for today!
    Panos can be a lot of work and that one turned out good.
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    Not to derail the thread or anything, but I have to plug the software I used, as it's truely fantastic! :D
    It's called HuginOSX. A port of an open source windows & linux photo stitcher.

    Takes 5 minutes to get your head around, but I've done about 5 panorama shots now and they've all been stunning!

    Anyway, not to de-rail, here's some more pics from my cheap camera!

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    That's a great panoramic. Where did you take it?
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    photoshop, hella-wide lens, or crop? just curious :eek:

    im part of the $200 camera club until i can upgrade...ive discovered how useful photoshop can be for crappy shots. example: my camera (hp ps735) has ****** white balance and contrast, but i just blow it out in photoshop and it looks really cool.

    here's another of my favorites (also photoshopped a lot)
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    excellent b&w! I'd swear it was Tri-X with a red filter due to the absolute black and white and all shades of gray in between, properly developed and printed. :D
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    Here's mine....This was taken with a Nikon Coolpix 4500 4MP P&S that I paid $200 for....


    And here's my Nikon D70 that I replaced it with.... :D

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    Great pics, guys. Unfortunately, I could've taken better pics with my pinhole camera that cost me 2 dollars!

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    Prove it.... ;)
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    Apple Store-Soho

    This isn't totally a "Pro" shot, but I really like it. :)
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