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Probably my fav. pic from my trip to SF

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by MattG, Nov 20, 2005.

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    Taken with a Canon Rebel XT with a Canon 28-135mm lens.

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    WOW Very nice! I really like the seagull too ;).
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    I see you had good weather (BTW, great pic :) )! I enjoyed the more usual weather...

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    Nice picture - from the Presidio?

    Here are my favourite 3 from San Francisco...

    First one from Pier 39 a few years back in November from my old Powershot S30, one from last year, on the bridge. Last one from this year with my Fuji F10 from Sausalito.

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    A few shots of my own:






    First four were taken with a Canon S500, and the last one was taken with my Moto E815.
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    Nice pics everyone!
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    Great pics! Love the seagull!
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    Sweet, i shot these with my cannon elph 2.0mp camera :), not a great camera, but may be the same bird. Ha.

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    What camera were you using?
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    Canon Rebel XT!

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