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Problem with CD drive!!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by JzzTrump22, Jul 5, 2004.

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    I just installed Warcraft 3 then installed the frozen throne. So i put the original Warcraft 3 cd in then cliock on the icon and it says please insert warcraft 3. Help!!!! I can't get the cd out of the drive. I hit the actual eject button on the keyboard but it won't come out. I just got this PB and i have no clue. Help!!!!!
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    It must be a serious problem to warrent posting 2 threads about it. :)

    Have you tried dragging the drive's icon to the trash? Hit the eject button on the left side (sidebar) of the Finder window? Is there a program using the drive? How long did you press the eject button?

    There are a world of possibilities here. If all else fails, you can restart the computer while holding down the mouse button and the CD will eject.
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    On some slot loading CD drives there is a little hole on one side of the slot which you can put a paperclip into, the paperclip pushes a release inside the drive which should eject the CD.
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    Sorry about the double posts, i was getting nervous. Well i wound up restarting the machine. But, i put the cd in, there was no icon on the desktop saying there was something in the drive. So i decided to click on one of the icons the gmae put onto the desktop for me when i installed. I clicked that and it said please insert Warcraft 3. But the cd was already in. The reason it wasn't reading was i installed the expansion and i put the original game in. First i hit the eject button, like i taped it. Nothing happened. Then i held it down for about 3 seconds, nothing happened. Thats when i got nervous. I don't know how long you have to hold down the button for it to eject a cd.
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    It takes a second or two. If you pressed the eject key for the same length of time as when you hit a key while typing it wouldn't eject.

    So you got the disk out then?
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    Won't eject

    Restart your mac and when the machine has chimed hold the mouse button down until the cd is ejected.

    If that doesn't work the you have to use a time trusted EED (Emergency Eject Device) aka a straightend out paperclip, find the little hole and stick it in about an inch until you meet some resistance , push a little further and the tray should open, it it's a slot loader, then it shouldstill come out, although not fully.
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    If you're using a 15" powerbook, at least on mine, I don't think there is an EED. My CD drive completely broke down a while ago, but luckily my cd came partially out, so I could pull it the rest of the way out. If you're powerbook's new, or you have applecare just send the powerbook in to Apple. I did, and they had my computer back to me within four days.
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    First try restarting with the mouse button (left) held down. If that doesn't work, there's something in Open Firmware which does a force eject too. If that doesn't work, the drive's broken for sure.

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