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Problems I've faced in Lion so far.

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by Nghia Nguyen, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Nghia Nguyen

    1. Dropbox. Even though I found a walk around to get it work, but I didn't bother. I'm using iDisk for the time being.

    2. Screen saver. This is strange, because I notice nobody else but me faced this problem. What happened was I chose my screen saver as "iTunes artwork" (because in Lion, that screensaver also works as a mini iTunes player -- you can try it, pretty cool) and set it at 10 minutes to be active if I'm afk. But sometimes even while I'm typing essay or coding, the screen saver just got in the way. I tried to cope with it for a few days, but today I decided to turn it off by setting the time to "Never" (there's no option to deactivate screensaver, as far as I know). Does anybody else also get this problem but get a solution? Please let me know.

    3. Audio jack making weird sound. I found a solution to this: simply go to Audi MIDI Setup, then change the format to "2-ch 32-bit".

    4. Font! This is really really annoying. I notice that whenever I go to any website that has *code* or *link url*, all of the texts will rendered like this. I need help with this asap because it's super annoying. Note: it only happens on Safari. Apparently, it works fine on Chrome.

    5. 1Password extension and Click to Flash for Safari don't work.

    6. iOS-like reverse scrolling is apparently unable to be turned off on a 2008 MacBook. I can turn it off on my MBP 15" 2010 though.

    I'll update if I come across any other problems.
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    Steve Ballmer

    Any MacBook with the multi-touch trackpad can use traditional scrolling. I have the original 2008 unibody model and I have the option.
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    the most big one:
    i can't drag and drop. this is killing me...
    it's cross all applications, simply i can drag, but when i release the mouse nothing happen, the semitransparent icon still with the mouse, click doesn't help. when i press esc, then click, then the icon goes back to the original place.

    minor one:
    i've to use "fast performance" on my macbook pro (first 17" unibody), else safari render pages white, and finder "icon view" also is white.

    anybody knows how to fix the first one?
    create a new user also doesn't fix it...
  4. 87racer, Mar 1, 2011
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    No screensaver issue here.

    For the font problem: Did you do a clean install of Lion to a new partition or over a SL install?

    Never used 1Password but for ClickToFlash: use the extension at https://extensions.apple.com/

    If you do not have an option at the very top of the trackpad preference pane you may want to look into BetterTouchTool. It offers the ability to have inverse scrolling which with inverse scrolling in both mac and BTT should put you back to normal scrolling. It has some issues but the dev is very active.

    I read somewhere(maybe the known bugs in the documentation? i think) that "sticky mouse" was one of the known issues. Don't recall seeing a fix for it though and I haven't experienced the issue.

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    Nghia Nguyen


    I downloaded Lion from Mac App Store, so I assume it was installed over SL. Do you know how to fix that?
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    I have been running Lion for about 12 hours now, and I have not experienced any problems at all so far. I am running it on a MacBook 5,2 with 4GB ram.

    The only thing I have noticed is some lag with the new transition effects. But I know there is along way to go before the final release. Hopefully there will be some new drivers for my nvidia 9400 chip.
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    Most likely your font got corrupted when you installed Lion.

    From a site I just found that uses a code box they use the font called Monaco. I attached my version of Monaco. You should try replacing your version in /System/Library/Fonts/ with that one. Quit Safari completely and reopen it and see if the problem is still there. If it is, can you give me a link to an example where you see the problem?
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    forgot to add the attachment. my bad here it is.

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    interesting, seems only i have this problem :)
    but i noticed that after the computer goes sleep, when wake up the mouse drag'n'drop actually works again. very weird...
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    yes very interesting. could you try it with another mouse? maybe it is hardware related?
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    mouse is fine, i'm using magic mouse and works fine in SL.
    trackpad has the same issue (and works in SL).

    after sleep / wake up, both works.
    looks like it's software related. i saw quite a few people had this issues until Leopard 10.5 randomly after updates. but nobody had a solution except just reinstall. i may just do that...
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    Yea that is likely your best bet. I would suggest though, that you install Lion on its own partition and install all your apps to that partition instead of installing over a SL install or running your programs from a SL partition. many people have been running into bugs by trying to do this.

    New MacBook Air 13.3"
    Mac OS X Lion Adventures.
    Issues, Solutions, and Workarounds
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    I agree. A fresh install is definitely the way to go.

    If this is your only Mac, install SL and use disk utility to partition the drive for your lion install. Then on boot when you hear the chime, hold in you ALT key and you can select which partition to boot into.
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    Nero Wolfe

    I had the 'sticky mouse' problem in Snow Leopard a while ago. It turned out that the solution was to disable folder actions. Don't know if that helps in Lion, but I figured I'd put it out there.
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    PDF support in Safari has gone weird. I can't save PDFS without doing the Print>Save as PDF option. Not a big deal but aggravating with the extra steps.
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    The best thing for everyone here to do is file a bug report. Just talking about problems will not help apple fix them. Submit a bug report so that way the problem is fixed for the next version. Assuming that you also have a developer's account, those forums will help with technical problems (since developers have access to it)
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    Crash reports are automatically sent to Apple so we do not need to submit them. Also, a good developer will keep an eye on many forums for issues with his/her app. Yes, the developer forums would be the most desirable but many people may not have developer's accounts.
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    A big problem I'm facing is scrolling in apps that have visible scrollbars when launched. Like iTunes, Coda, etc etc.
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    Nghia Nguyen

    I tried but still got the same issue.

    It happens when I use tumblr and try to change some CSS code: example
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    Safari Issue...

    Thinking this could be my graphics card? NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT.

    While scrolling through Safari web pages with my Magic Mouse, the page is "cut" vertically into thirds, with the center third scrolling faster than the right and left thirds. Irritating, but useable, and presumable will be fixed in the final release.
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    Ok that uses courier not monaco so try this one.

    Also make sure your Appearance settings look like my attached picture.

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    yea sounds like your graphics card can't keep up for some reason. other people have noted some issues with glitchy dragging of windows so this could very well be the case.
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    I have the same problem on my MBP. Sleep/Wake fixes it too.
  24. HEB
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    For me, Lion has been excellent. I've experienced no bugs whatsoever, and am loving it. But definitely, definitely, definitely, I am staying with SL for the time being. I really don't want to run all of my apps on a wimpy beta platform.
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    It seems every app with a custom scroll is broken in slightly different ways in Lion (Twitter has no inertia anymore, Reeder has spastic scroll). Lesson: Never implement your own custom UI.

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