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Problems syncing nano4g and restoring nano 4g

Discussion in 'iPod' started by moheron, Sep 20, 2009.

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    Hi, New here. I've been having problems syncing my daughters' nano with our itunes library. I was on the phone with apple care for 3 hours on Fri., had an appt. at the genius bar on Sat. The phone help had me remove all itunes stuff from my pc then reinstall everything; didn't help. Went to genius bar at local Apple store on Sat. the service member there was able to restore my daughter's ipod and sync a few songs. Last night I was able to sync to the newly restored nano. But when I purchased new songs and added them to the library the nano would not sync. I tried daughter #2's nano, wouldn't sync, tried to restore, wouldn't do anything. I'm so incredibly frustrated!

    Can someone please help me??

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    Ivan P

    It honestly sounds more like a problem with your computer's USB ports as opposed to the iPod, especially if it was able to work when you took it into Apple.
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    Thanks for your thoughts. If it is a problem with the usb ports what do I do then? any ideas?
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    Hi, Is there a good site that I can go to that will explain itunes?

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