Problems with burning CDs on my macbook

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Soundie, Apr 16, 2008.

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    I have had this problem since I got my macbook actually and I would really like to get it fixed somehow. My problem is that when I try to burn audio-cds (its all Ive tried to burn) after a few tracks, they start to skip real bad and the last tracks on the cd you can´t even hear. Any ideas? Cheers
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    You might have a different problem, but I've encountered this issue before when using cheap CD-Rs. Try a different brand. I find Memorex CD-Rs work pretty well.

    Also, it might just be me, but I find the CD-Rs with a reflective blue or purple coating on the recording surface work best.
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    Well, at first I thought the CD´s were the problem but I´ve tried multiple CD´s , different brands (like Sony etc.) but It didn´t work.. Thanks anyway! Any more ideas ? cheers
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    What are you using to burn the cd's - iTunes, Toast whatever ?

    It may be a faulty drive but if you are burning cd's using "best" speed they may not work too well - are you using the computer for anything else while you burn them ?

    Have you tried copying files (data) to a cd rather than music ?
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    I´ve only used I-tunes to burn music with.
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    I only use Verbatim CDs and DVDs and never had any problems with any of my macbooks. I also prefer Toast Titanium.
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    Well - are you doing anything else when you burn them ? If you are then please try without anything else happening/ going on.

    And have you tried burning the cd's other than through iTunes ?

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