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problems with slow performance in new golf

Discussion in 'Games' started by jelloshotsrule, Aug 8, 2002.

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    so, i got the new links championship edition golf game... i have installed it on my bro's tibook (800) and my parents imac (700) before i was able to get it on my own computer (dual 800- gf2mx)... anyhoo. it works fine on their computers. not very high quality image, but it runs smooth.

    anyhoo, i installed on mine, and no matter what i do, it's slower than dirt. i've restarted (of course), reset the pram, the firmware, etc.... and still nothing....

    the only thing i can think of is that i have a second monitor running off a rage pci card.... though i'mm using the main monitor (15" flat apple via adc to the gf2mx). that's really the only thing that i can think of that would be messing things up.

    i realize not many/any of you would have experience with this particular game.... but any other tips about what coudl be ****ing up performance? other games are fine... ie, medal of honor, etc....

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    I almost bought that game the other day. There was another post about the quality of the graphics being poor despite trying to set colour to 32-bit.

    I also have the dual 800 and I'm wondering if it's a lack of memory problem. I've noticed a few programs tend to run barely faster than my G3/400. Both machines have 512 MB and are running Mac OS X 10.1.5 and Mac OS 9.2.x.

    If I get the game, I'll post about the experience.
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    Hey jello head... I'd say that your gf2 was to blame for your poor performance on the tower. Upgrade the card to something newer (like an ATI Radeon 8500, 9000 Pro or 9700) and the performance should make you happy.
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    given that my parents' imac has the gf2 in it.... and it runs alright on their computer...

    i'd say it was more likely your mom than that.

    but i could be wrong...

    seriously though. could it somehow be using the secondary card (ati rage) despite being on the primary monitor? that's all i coudl figure it'd be....

    bousozoku- if it's ram. then that's ass.... i have 1.1 gigs. my brother's machine has 512 and my parents' 384.....

    on that note, i'd recommend not getting the game... not just graphics. but you can't even play tournaments or anything... kinda weak... and i thought this would be "the" golf game.... ahh well
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    Well jellohead, have you bothered to even TRY pulling the second video card out of the computer??? :rolleyes: THAT is part of troubleshooting your ass 101.
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    nah. didn't bother trying that yet. had the problem. posted it here, then left for 4 days...

    now that i'm back i think i will

    i think i will
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    People like you make me want to kill...... :eek: :p

    Instead of using what few brain cells you have left (i.e. troubleshooting for dumbasses/jelloheads) you post a whine. :rolleyes:

    BTW, why don't you go get a REAL computer game??? Golf, sheeesh, how exciting... NOT!!!
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    to each his own for game preference.. though medal of honor has been better for sure..

    so i took the card and monitor out and it's still slow

    i'm gonna try it in os 9. i think it's carbon and will go in both... we'll see.

    i still don't get it though. i guess i could call em....
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    it works in os 9... so maybe my os x system is just heavier than my bro's/parents'... i have more apps and whatnot...

    i hope jaguar helps.... i guess it probably will...

    but if anyone has any other ideas, let me know... thanks
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    Mr. Anderson

    A golf video game? Well, that would rank up there with the Bass Fishing Game. Its slow and boring enough playing the game on a course, but playing it on the computer?!?!? It sounds more like a game for different generation - you're way to young for that type of entertainment, if you'd call it that.

    now, if it was Caddy Shack, the video game, that might be fun....come here you little varmint!
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    whoa. hey.

    shut it.
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    LMAO!!! That was on one of the movie channels the other night... good, clean, explosive fun... :D

    Put a mine field in the golf course and watch the explosions... THAT would make golf almost watchable... Also make the sand trap quicksand... :eek: Stock the water hazards with paranai (and make people fish their balls out of it). :eek: Have some bangers do dry by shootings (in golf carts of course with thumper stereo's as per Robin Williams routine). :eek: :eek: :D

    The next generation of golfer would do everything they could to get a hole in one... :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Sort of like some of those stupid reality shows - and extreme sports all in one. It would be pretty cool actually. Redefine the 1st person shooter in a much more interesting way. Each hole would be level and you'd have to have all sorts of things to contend with inbetween walking to you ball after you hit it.
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    Just making a small observation :

    Dual 800s have had consistant game performance problems.

    Read some of the Warcraft 3 rants here and at the Insidemacgames.com forum and all of the people who have major performance issues all own dual 800s.

    Just my 2 cents; nothing more, nothing less.
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    Golf Links...POS

    I too am having all sorts of trouble with this game. I never really play games but thought .. this will be fun. Well after 6 months of waiting.. it is delivered..

    Now I can't even run the damn thing. It crashes, locks up etc.. causing me to reboot via the power switch.. ARRRRGGGG.
    Nothing else has caused me any trouble on this machine.

    any ideas before I wrap it up and return it??

    Running OSX 10.1.5
    iMac Graphite SE/DV G3 400mhz w/ 1GB ram

    pretty good little machine considering it's obvious age.

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    Sounds like flawed coding on the game to me...

    Have you ever run any kind of utility on your computer??? If not, you really should, even if it's just a fsck -y...

    Then again, why would anyone pay money to play golf on the computer is still beyond me... :eek: :p :D UT2003 on the other hand... I am just waiting for that to be released... :D :cool:
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    i'd return it. even if you do get it going, the game itself is actually (sadly) not as good as tiger woods golf say for ps 2 or whatever.... at least as far as options (career, tourney, etc).

    the only hope is that jaguar will boost ****e. or that bold will release a patch. but i doubt that.

    have you tried it in os 9?
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    nope, haven't bothered with OS9, I guess I could give it a try, though I would prefer not to run anything in a none native OSX mode...I guess I did load my CS3 for compuserve mail, long story, but, that is a about all I have used it for.. I am solid in OSX for all my apps.

    This is pretty pitiful as a release of software from what I have been able to see thus far.. I think I will give tech support one more call and if no joy.. I'll wrap it up and send it back!

    Now all I need is a dual G5 to be happy.

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    yeah really. considering it took em like 8 months after they said it was coming out.... it's pretty pathetic...

    let me know what tech support says.... could help me as well

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    I really don't know what it is, but the OSX games that I have absolutely SUCK when it comes to speed. When running the progs in OS9, I notice a very big speed boost - kinda makes me think that because some of these Carbon and Cocoa apps are so new they're poorly coded, and therefore s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w...

    Maybe "Jag-wire" might solve some of the problems - if Quartz Extreme sends screen redraws directly to the graphics card as opposed to via the CPU, then it might work the same for games.

    Time will tell...
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    the problem i have is that i'm so os x only mindset that even if it runs better in os 9 i just would rather be able to do it in x...

    with games though, i may as well restart most of the time... too bad it takes so long to boot. just makes it less of an appealing issue.

    when the heck is osx performance in games gonna get there?!?
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    I know, I know...

    What REALLY sucks is that if I want to go onto GameRanger, I have to reboot into OS9, because my favourite games (like FA/18 Hornet Korea and Alien Vs. Predator) run better in 9, or just plain DON'T run in X.

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    so has anyone with a recent jaguar tried any games that would really test performance?

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    Thanks, I feel much better now...:eek:

    Wasn't there a game called gopher golf way back in the 8-bit days that did all that?
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    Sorry 'bout that. :( ;) :p

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