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Problems with the Airport Extreme Base at University

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Lori, Oct 15, 2003.

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    If anyone can help solve this, I'd appreciate it so much. I am going to a university that offers internet access through an ethernet connection in its halls. I hooked up the AEBS and it worked pretty well using PPPoE. Then, suddenly, it stopped working and hasn't worked since. I've tried everything imaginable to fix it and still nothing.

    I tried putting it on regular Ethernet through the AAU instead. Didn't work. I tried resetting prolly in the tens of times and redoing all the PPPoE, it still doesn't work. I've made sure that Airport is first in the network system prefs. Nothing helps. All I get now is "Looking for PPPoE host" constantly.

    If anyone can offer insight on this problem or maybe a new idea of what to try, I'd really appreciate it.

    One last thing, I thought maybe it might be a firmware problem cuz I'd heard of that being an issue. So I went back to like 3.0 and 5.0.4 and still nothing...dunno what to think :(

    Thanks in advance!
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    Are you sure you should be using PPPoE? I would think that if you set it up as a wireless bridge then your computer could get an IP address via DHCP directly from whatever DHCP server exists already on the network (assuming there is one, but there almost always is in my experience).

    Edit: What's AAU?
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    Thanks for the reply...I dunno which way I'm supposed to be setting it up cuz our school doesn't say much about it. Umm, AAU is the airport admin utility (I was just referencing that I used that instead of the setup assistant).

    Lol, could you explain how I'd go about setting it up as simply a wirless bridge? Maybe (and probably) I'm doing something wrong in that regard (cuz I think I tried something such as that).

    Thanks again.
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    I ran into this problem one time... I found that I had edited something (I forget exactly what) in my Ethernet connection settings while I was away on a trip, and when I got back, it precluded AirPort from getting connected.

    Unfortunately, I can't recall what settings I changed... but take a look under your Ethernet panel for anything untowards.

    Good luck... I'll post more if I can remember what the problem-causing setting was.
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    I didn't quite get what you tried, but I'll ask anyway.

    Did you try connecting your computer directly to the network through an ethernet cable to make sure that you have a connection? Have you tried pinging the server to see if you can send data and receive it?

    By doing this, you can confirm the settings that you are required to actually make a proper connection, and will also narrow down the problems to your airport base if you do get a connection going
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    I have tried connecting directly to the network and it does work. It's just when I try to connect through airport I can't get it to work.

    I don't quite know how to ping, unfortunately. :(
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    Icekey has the right idea.
    Hook up your computer directly by setting the ethernet connection type to DHCP and see if you can get connected. If so, go back in and write down the IP address and DNS info. Then use the Airpost setuip assistant to copy the settings to the AEB or enter the info manually with AAU.
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    Lol, I think that was onto something too cuz when I tried it, I got one page to come up, but nothing after that. I'm starting to think right now I'm just gonna put this thing on one of my shelves as a nice lttl display item and just buy a longer ethernet cable...it just doesn't want to work.
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    Alright, so this is what I think you want to do:

    First of all, forget what I said about setting it up as a bridge. What you're going to do is set it up as a router (as if you had a cable modem connection).

    Open up AAU and connect to your AE base station. Under the Internet tab, you want to connect using Ethernet, and you want to configure using DHCP.

    Under the network tab, you want to Distribute IP Addresses, and Share a single IP Address.

    Next, update and reset the Base Station. Then, plug your ethernet cable into the wall and into the WAN port on the Base Station. It should get an IP address from your school network.

    Now, on your laptop, set up your airport card to configure itself Using DHCP. Apply the settings, and you should get an IP address from the Base Station, as well as be able to connect to the Internet (assuming you have the right network name and so on).

    Note that under this setup, people won't be able to access your computer directly across the school network because you're now on your own "private" network. You can, however, use Port Mapping in the AAU to get around this, but that's a lesson for another day :)

    If you have further questions, you might consider reading the "Designing AirPort Extreme Networks" booklet, available on Apple's support site, or the owner's manual that came with the Base Station (if you have it with you). Good luck!
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    Thanks to everyone for all the help. :)

    That walk through of setting it up was particularly useful. I set it up, it still wouldn't work completely (only getting my school's webpages). Then it clicked finally that I should reregister my hall connection and see if that'd work and it did...and lol, that never would've happened if I'd not been step by stepped into making this work...

    Thanks again (I'm so, so, happy about this as you can tell...hehe)

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