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Product Placements

Discussion in 'Community' started by chelseasian, Mar 29, 2005.

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    Just out of curiosity, do you guys think that product placements are effectiveness in connecting the consumer with the product? i.e. feel more positive about it after seeing it in a show versus a 30 second commercial.

    I know Apple does alot of product placements- and i am just questioning the effectiveness of it in this age of DVR and TiVo.

    Feel free to add any other comments.

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    obvious product placements are annoying

    the product placements are a way of advertising, i dont like people telling be what to buy, but placements just suggest it, which i think is a bit better than your old fashioned type of commercials, but they definitely are not as effective from a marketing standpoint

    i just really get annoyed with the ones that are blatant advertising during a movie
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    I think Wayne's World covered this pretty well.

    This post bought to you by Cadbury's Dairy Milk...
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    I don't know. I think it depends. I don't think commercials are getting the job done anymore and that's why we are seeing more and more product placement. And I also think there is less of a stigma towards product placement than toward normal commercials. Seeing rappers w/iPods in their videos is probably more compelling to the target demographic than seeing rappers sell iPods in 30 second spots.

    Personally, I'd rather have a 2 second pan of a Pizza Hut box during a TV show than a 30 second Pizza Hut spot interrupting the show.

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    Same here. And I get even more annoyed at the "subtle" (but obvious) product placements..

    Except when it's an Apple computer. My wife gets tired of me calling out the names of the CPUs I see in movies/tv.
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    if it's subtle in the background etc. or perhaps a cool car etc. i have no problem with it but when it is too much "in your face" like in Blade: Trinity it starts to ge extremly annoying...seriously ..that was perhaps the worst of them all
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    I, Robot surely deserves a prize.
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    I like that the character House listens to the Who's "Baba O'Reilly" on his iPod.
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    I don't mind it if the product doesn't call attention to itself. If a character is drinking something and it happens to be a Coke, fine. It adds some more realism if it's a real brand. If it's a made up brand, it sometimes looks out of place.

    Unless of course, it's Red Apple cigarettes...
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    Then you have the shows like the apprentice which are half hour infomercials spliced into a soap opera with REALLY bad acting.

    What bothers me is the gratuitous blurring of logos. It started on MTV I guess. A rapper is wearing a nike sweatshirt and they blur out the swoosh.
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    I think nothing beats Quentin Tarantino's "Big Kahuna Burger"... :D

    Great idea to make up a brand and stick to it... priceless...
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    Blade 3 has got to be one of the worst! Senseless iPod advertising!
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    Definately... with "cast away" in as a close second. Those are two examples of product placement taking a very prominent and problematic place even in the writing of the script (especially for cast away where the whole plot revolved around Tom Hanks being a FedEx employee). Nothing subtle about those two examples.

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    Last week's Survivor episode where the hungry contestants battled for some Pringos. Give me meat or give me death. I would have been ashamed to be a castaway on that show.
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    If I remember right, the FedEx on Cast Away isn't that big a deal - it wasn't a pure product placement. FedEx didn't pay to be placed - they actually were approached to give permission to let the FedEx name be used. I found the fact he worked for FedEx to be somewhat good for driving the story along instead of his having to wait for Hanks to develop some tools.
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    You could very well be right. The whole opening sequence is none the less one long advertisement of the reliabilty and speed of the company. And then there's all the other products, his friend Wilson for instance.

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    Sometimes product placement works into the plot and is essential in the movie. Take for example the Mini chase scene in The Italian Job. The mini's small size were required by the actors to flee in the subway from their pursuers.
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    So you don't like product placement and you don't like the prevention of product placement?

    The blurring of logos prevents companies from getting free airtime and it prevents shows from getting sued for using a logo/namebrand/copyrighted materal w/o permission.

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    In Meet The Fockers, Gaylord Focker uses an iBook and OSX. In Fever Pitch, Drew Barrymore's character uses a mac and a Aluminum Cinema Display in her office.
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    I just saw Be Cool..(wasn't as bad as I'd heard actually) and everyone with a mobile phone has one from T-Mobile. They even zoomed in on the logo several times..

    The only thing I took from this advertising is that the Sidekick looks like its made from cheap plastic!
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    My wife watches MTV. I don't know why, she just does. Friday night she was watching Inferno or something. And when they got their little assignments, they had to say something to the effect of:
    "we got a new text message on our t-mobile lame-ass doohicky." I can just SEE the little interaction between the T-Mobile people and the MTV producers in my mind's eye.

    It makes my skin crawl.

    MTV is teh sux0r, and then adding blatant advertisements like this.. ugh. Just stick to showing stupid commercials in between crap, ok?

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