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(Product)Red Nano 8gb and Nike+

Discussion in 'iPod' started by GimmeSlack12, Mar 28, 2008.

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    I'm training for my first ever marathon and keeping track of my distances is not mandatory but interesting to me to track my progress. The Nike+ finally caught my eye once again and I had always resisted it cause I needed a Nano. Solved that problem, got a 2nd Gen Red 8gb Nano on eBay for $80 and now just have to get the Nike+ kit.

    I suppose I'll need a shoelace pocket and possibly an armband now too. I use Asics for running. I'm excited about this one.
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    You need to join the Mac Rumors Nike+ challenges. PM ziwi and he will tell you more about it. We could use some help with a certain challenge. :cool:
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    so, i am a avid runner, i am a year round X-C/Track runner.
    is it worth getting the Nike+ software and a ipod nano???
    I am currently using the garmin forerunner to log miles.
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    I'm totally down to join the MR Nike+ group. And iTeen from the sounds of it the Nike+ system has made a lot of people really happy. But I'll let you know first hand in a week or so.
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    Same here dude. :cool: It is worth it but I only use it when I'm not with other team members and during practice, but its great for the weekends and the off season.
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    Keep the Forerunner. I'm also run year round... Cross country in the fall, track in the spring, and training for those during the summer and winter. I used a 205 regularly for a year and a half logging over a 1200 miles on the device until last July when I dropped it and it cracked open. The Forerunner is more accurate, provides more information, and requires less to operate. Also, I don't know about your team, but nobody here has ever listened to music during a practice, so that makes carrying a nano for Nike+ and extra burden. I'd rather just have the information on an unusually large watch.

    And the Nike+ does make sense for people not associated with a team/training group that listen to music while running.

    Here's to hoping the Forerunner 405 coming to stores soon!

    [EDIT] It might also make sense if you were debating between whether to get the Forerunner or Nike+. Nike+ will be cheeper even if you also have to buy a nano. But since you have a Forerunner, I think it would be a downgrade to move to Nike+

    Perhaps someone can offer a differing opinion.
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    I rarely ever listen to music when I am running with my iPod nano. The only time I do is if I am on my treadmill. I don't use it all the time as well. When there is no practice on the weekends I use it and there is a few other times that I use the kit. I don't use it that much in the summer because I'm training with my team. This summer I will most likely log over 600 miles and I won't be using the kit most of the time.
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    I agree with that assessment. The nike+ is fun because you can join these challenges and such, but it's not close to as accurate as the garmin. And if you're on a team, you're not going to be listening to music (I hope... talk to your teammates!). So no, for a HS or college runner on a team, I wouldn't go with the nike+.

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