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Production Decreasing

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Zeke, May 30, 2003.

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    I've noticed recently that my production rate has dropped. I was always over 135 pts/day for a while not I'm around 110. Checked other people on extremeoverclocking forums and noticed that general production trend is downward. Anyone else notice this and figure out what's going on?
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    It's a conspiracy to make Macs look slow. :D
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    a) make sure all your comps are running and that they need to make them more idle and if they are macs it is probably because of gromac core.
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    They're all running. I check them every day. It's weird though, all the big producers in the group have downward trends. Mine could just be cyclic so I'm not sure. Is Gromacs for sure slower. I've noticed it with my DP 1 Ghz but everyone said it was faster so I assumed I was wrong.
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    My production has jumped from around 60 to over 100 in the last week and I haven't changed anything in a month with the computers that I am running. I think it was the new core that helped me. Odd that you guys are seeing a downward trend.

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