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'Professional' Airbrushing

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Kardashian, Jan 22, 2007.

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    Hey Guys'n'Girls!

    As some of you know, I love tinkering with Photoshop - especially taking fashion shots and airbrushing them.

    However, I've followed a lot of the online tutorials for airbrushing and I never get it quite right. It either looks un-airbrushed or too 'smooth' or blurred (a lot of the tutorials use Gaussian blur applied to a new top layer, then erase through the eyes, lips etc of the original).

    I was hoping the more experienced [genius] PS users such as Blue Velvet etc might be able to shed some light on achieving a more professional look. I want that smooth, blemish-free skin - but still keeping the skins texture.

    Anyway, any help you can offer would make the geek in me very happy!
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    I know this is a bit obvious but
    the Cloning tool is your friend in the cases of obvious blemishes.
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    There is no way on earth that I'm a genius Photoshop user. I'm just a print designer more comfortable with layouts and publications, and getting average work out the door quickly. Photo-retouching is an art that I haven't had the time to learn about...
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    I wasn't trying to imply just you - there are some brilliant PS people on MR. I just thought since you use most the Adobe products you might have picked something up along the way :eek:
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    It doesn't give a professional, airbrushed look. I just found this which looks very promising..
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    Great tutorial!! Thanks!

    I've been a member of stock.xchng for awhile, but never knew they had tutorials on there.

    HUGz! Jules

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