ProKeyboard and ProMouse coming?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Tassilo, Jun 27, 2003.

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    As seen on the G5's tech specs site ( ):
    Hardware accessories: Apple Pro Keyboard, Apple Pro Mouse, USB keyboard extension cable, DVI to VGA adapter, modem cable, AirPort antenna

    Pro Keyboard and Pro Mouse? Those are not shown in the G5-store. Could be 'cause it's not yet implemented in the store system.
    In addition to this, the Exposé control panel does show a "right click" setting instead of a ctrl-click. Did Apple use something like that before?
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    Yeah, I remember Steve saying, you can use the second button of a two-button-mouse, if you have one, to control exposé.

    That was the moment when I thought, they would come out with one, but as they didn't show it, I'm not so sure anymore. Perhaps they saved it for the MacExpo.

    Edit: Hab' gar nicht gemerkt, dass du'n Landsmann bist. ;)
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    I was at the apple store and they still had the old "pro" keyboards around .... the new ones were there too with the solid plastic base..i like the old ones that are kind of adjustable and I think those are still the "pro" keyboards even tho they may not be avaible individually correct me if i'm wrong and they jsut din't replace the floor model keyboards
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    The non-adjustable keyboards and mice that debuted with the new eMac update recently are just "Apple Keyboard" and "Apple Mouse." The Pros are still adjustable. But in the store, you are right, the PMG5 ordering pages show only the "Apple Keyboard and Mouse," even in photos...


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    Pro Keyboard and Pro Mouse coming?

    And are they going to be silver coloured??

    I hope so cos' the white keyboard and mouse certainly doesn't complement either the PowerBooks or the G5...

    Silver... silver... silver... :D
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    No Pro in store

    Additionally the store doesn't offer any Pro Keyboards and mice right now. So, offering the latest model with a mouse that's not shipping anymore, a new Pro Mouse should be expected, if it isn't just a mistake in the specs.
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    New PRO keyboard and mouse perhaps linked to new monitors?

    Even the G4 ships with the Apple PRO keyboard and PRO mouse. So I find it a bit odd that at the WWDC the G5 is on display with the cheap Apple Keyboard found on consumer Macs.

    Hence I'm pretty sure this is not the final keyboar since those keyboards are white and white doesn't really go with the G5's aluminium case. Be prepared to have new PRO keyboards and mice introduced before the G5 ships.

    But also Apple's latest monitors don't really go well with the G5, now that the G5 has no plastic shell anymore.

    Rumors said that the new PRO keyboard and mouse might be BlueTooth enabled.
    Did anyone consider that a new range of Apple monitors could have a BlueTooth transmitter built in? Perhaps even some kind of charghing stand for BlueTooth input devices too?

    I wouldn't be surprised if we will see new monitors AND new input devices before September, i.e. before the G5 ships.
    Both in an all new look.
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    Re: New PRO keyboard and mouse perhaps linked to new monitors?

    I agree
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    A "metallic" keyboard more in line with the one on the AlBook would look good. And the shiny white of the current keyboard and mouse go great with the "consumer" Macs, but a Pro Keyboard and Mouse should match the look of the Pro hardware, which is metal. I wonder what a Pro Mouse in this style would look like...
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    Considering the new look of Power Mac G5 and iSight camera, new keyboard and mouse will probably have that "aluminium with holes" kind of look.
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    If the new Pro keyboard and mouse were aluminum-finished with Bluetooth, I'd buy them for my TiBook in a second. Or even better, try that MacPVR setup I've been noodling about.

    I kinda wonder about the future of the white/clear plastic finish as being solely for consumers. The iSight is a consumer, digital hub-oriented product, and yet it's got an aluminum mesh finish like the G5. A mini cheese grater! Will Apple mix the two looks, or gradually go all-metal? Or will they put out a white plastic iSight and a metal keyboard and mouse?

    mmm. I'm beginning to get far too dramatic over these little details, aren't I? :)
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    Dirty keys

    I wouldn't like cheesegrate on top of the keyboard or even mouse, because of the feel and dirt trickling in, but the bottom gratered would be nice: The dirt that's been gathering in my black and white ProKeyboards could fall out there.
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    Re: Dirty keys

    LOL! I second that!
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    As well as being silver, it should also glow... exactly like the 17" PowerBook.. :D
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    Their new keyboard should be styled after a massive brick of cheddar cheese. It fits perfectly with the tower design, and Apple would open itself up to all-new commercial possibilities with the "mouse."

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