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Promo Codes for Updated iDoc HD Pro_V1.5.1 supports Google Drive on iPad

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by foxsoft, May 23, 2012.

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    iDocs HD Pro- for Google Docs™ has updated to the new version_V1.5.1!
    Grab the chance to feel Google Docs on your iPad, NOW!!!

    iDocs: the most intuitive and robust app for managing Google Docs on the iPad. Create, edit, share and view your Google documents with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, built from the ground up to take advantage of the iPad's revolutionary form and functionality. From creating spreadsheets to live-editing text documents, iDocs HD Pro gives you a direct line to the full Google Docs suite.
    iDocs meets your documents processing demand with all of its wonderful and effective functions. iDocs supports view, edit, create, search, share and print various mainstream file formats, easy to quickly process your documents. iDocs allows you to view, edit and create various mainstream documents, including doc, docx , ppt , excel, txt, mp3 and so on. Meet your business needs perfectly.

    All your documents can be sorted clearly by Title, Owner and Last Modified. Make your documents stay in good order and easy to view and select. Your documents are synchronized back to Google Docs immediately. Always get the most updated version of your documents. New files can be created in iDocs and uploaded to your account.
    iDocs promises you a productive and practical solution for organizing and editting your documents on-line. By putting your files into different collections according to your own standard and criteria, and your files can be kept in good order. Clear menu with all the functions shown, the specific file can be identified and located easily and precisely. Just as you’re using Google Docs on computer, with much more convenience.
    Offline Viewing Function Available. iDocs enables you to read your documents offline, document viewing can be convenient and free. Clear menu with all the functions shown, the specific file can be identified and located easily and precisely. Just as you’re using Google Docs on computer, with much more convenience.
    iDocs supports enterprise account sign-in. Type in your enterprise email and enter enterprise account directly. Manage the documents stored in different accounts via iDocs, documents management can be relaxing and convenient.
    With iDocs HD Pro, you may share your documents with colleagues and friends in a very easy way and make your ideas be presented and get your feedback in no time.
    It is also quite easy to send your documents to email for back-up or sharing. Select and send, all in one simple step.
    Mark your important documents with Star! Just by tapping the star besides the document name.

    iDocs meets your documents processing demands wonderfully with all the practical and excellent functions. Your efficiency will be enhanced tremendously to a new level! Find more on:

    Would you like to let some fresh air into daily documents processing? Please come and experience the powerful functions of iDocs HD Pro right NOW! If you’d love to have promo codes of iDocs HD Pro, please feel free to send us a email to christina.wong@i-c-soft.com we’d love to send you the very special promo code for iDocs HD Pro ASAP.

    Enjoy the ease and convenience with iDocs HD Pro and have fun! Please let us know about your precious comments and advice for it!

    Thanks very much for your time and attention!
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    oh i waiting for the iPad one after I saw your post for the iPhone! sent an email!

    thanks in advance!

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