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ProPremote Pro Tools Controller App for iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by SRSound, Dec 11, 2007.

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    I just emailed that to my dad who is a professional musican, he will go nuts!
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    ProPremote Pro Tools Controller App for iPhone


    Gizmodo shows off a video of a 3rd party application for the iPhone that allows you to wirelessly control Pro Tools LE with realtime feedback.
    While a Beta will be released next week, the developer is looking to create an official version once Apple's SDK is released. The proprosed final price for the application is $150.

    Article Link
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    Wow, what an awesome idea! This is so great... very impressive. I could totally see how handy this would be, so you don't have to keep running back to the computer every time. I could also see this as a great way for musicians to adjust their monitor levels themselves during soundchecks, instead of having to wave to the sound guy.
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    Once it's official with the SDK I'm in.
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    as a protools user and musician i can see the real potential in this software. It's so simple yet does wonders, Especially recording by yourself, Amazing Amazing
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    makes you wonder though. How long apple will hold out on those SDKs as they are treating third party iphone apps like Sony treats 3rd party PSP apps.
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    I enjoy working very late into the night after everyone else is gone, so this would be phenomenal to be able to re-cut or overdub anything anywhere in the studio and not worry about having an engineer available at the time or setting up alternate control stations (short of running back and forth from the control room to any of the live/iso rooms)
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    frontier makes a wireless crontroller for around that price. It has real buttons and works with more than just protools le.
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    Right - but having rich visual feedback in a location without direct line of sight to a monitor is a whole different ballgame
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    That's an excellent app! Too bad it's for an overcomplicated garbage application. Yay, yay, I don't care how many people use it. I still know a lot of engineers who use it and hate it.
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    uhh...can we get it for Logic?

    Makes a lot more sense to work in house first, before you develop other platforms. BTW, the tranzport does give visual feedback, and does not require line of sight to work. Anyways though, cool idea for an iphone app!
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    Aggghh! My iPod touch won't do this...

    But if this works for logic, then I'll be jumping on board, too!

    Apple..? Are you listening???

    Pretty please????
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    ...it says that the touch should be able to dp this, presumably via Wifi!

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    Very impressive, but unfortunately it's not going to last. Rumor has it that with Pro Tools 8 there is not gonna be any Mackie HUI support (which is the Midi protocol used by this app) thus making this app and a lot of third party controllers not compatible. Bad Digidesign!
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    We need this for Logic Studio

    //on a side note I had a dream last night that I had a "mini" UltraBeat/Drum Machine on my iPhone:cool:.....we need something like this so I could throw down some drum loops while on the go......I would pay top dollar for something like that:p
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    I'll believe that when I see it... Do you know how many large format consoles use hui.....
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    I've got a Tranzport... works great, but to use my iphone -SWEET!
    I wonder if this will work with my HD Accel setup... It should if it's doing HUI emulation I suppose.
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    from my understanding of it, it would, except there has to be some software on the computers side to connect to the iphone through the internet... and that software in some way might be limiting ...
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    And you know this how?

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