Protecting your MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by downingp, Feb 10, 2008.

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    What are you guys using to protect your MBAs? Do you feel its necessary to protect it? I was thinking about getting the invisible shield to protect the MBA without adding bulk.

    Any thoughts?
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    The aluminum case is pretty tough and scratch resistant. The worst thing I would be concerned about is discoloration of the palm rests which some people have experienced in the past with MBs/PBs. Just keep the MBA in a soft padded sleeve inside of a backpack or bag that should be sufficient.
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    Maybe just a sleeve when moving it around?
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    I plan on using the MBA for graduate school and I am concerned with taking it in and out of my backpack all the time. Maybe all I need is a sleeve to protect it from movement in and out of a backpack.
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    That's all I'm going to be doing for my MBA. I pre-ordered one of these but haven't received it yet. They're a home based production and are WAAAAAY behind their orders because of all the demand they have. Other than this, I plan on keeping the cleaning clothe that came with my MBA with it all the time so that I can wipe it down every now and then.
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    I ordered the Shield Zone clear film for my MBA. I'll post up and let everyone know how it works out.
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    I like mine naked :)
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    I personally have never felt it necessary to protect any of my laptops (PB/MBP) from scratches. As mentioned before, they are pretty touch and scratch resistant.

    I've always just thrown them in my backpack or attache, and while they do not look pristine and brand new, they do not look scratched to hell and beat up either.
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    Tom Bihn has announced a sleeve custom designed for the MBA. Available late Feb. I have mine on order.
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    I'm not seeing it on the site except for the Brain Cell which reminds me of a pizza delivery box which keeps the pizza warm.
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    hate to be cliché, but i am actually using an envelope. Not one of those naff Manilla ones which has no padding though..

    i use a Scotch "bubble mailer" (padded), the 9.5" x 13.5" fits like a glove!!!

    perfect. and cheap. at least until something better comes out.
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    How about key marks on the screen? Do you guys feel that it's rigid enough to avoid this? How's the clearance?
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    I gave up on the AirMail, so I went and picked up one of the Incase MB sleeves from the Apple Store ($34.95). It obviously has too much room inside for the MBA, which rattles around a bit, but the neoprene prevents the MBA from getting scratched, and that's my #1 concern. When booq come out with their Vyper case for the MBA (mid-April, so they say), I'll switch to one of those.
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    I just use a stretchy book cover you can buy where they sell school supplies. It doesn't pad it, but it will keep it from being scratched inside my padded computer bag along with my files.

    I used these for my PB12, and my MacBook Pro. It works and they are cheap.
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    I have been using Radtech cloths (I think they call them screen saverz or something) for my past 3 laptops including my current Air, and they work great. The only thing that I was slightly concerned with on the Air is that the magnetic latch isn't quite as strong as on a Macbook, so it seemed possible that having the cloth in there could cause it to open up accidentally. I found that as long as I don't cover the track pad button, the cloth has no affect on it.
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    Incipio Orion sleeve.... I have the black one. Perfect little sleeve. adds very little.
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    Clix Pix

    The day I was buying my MBA I looked for a sleeve and no 13" were available....but while I was at the register paying for my machine one of the sales floor staff pulled out some stuff from underneath the counter to be returned to the appropriate shelves and one item was a black 13" In Case sleeve meant for the MacBook. I immediately said, "I'll take that!" It will do nicely until other sleeves and bags specifically meant for the MBA start appearing. I'm happy because now I can tuck the MBA into the sleeve and stash it in my messenger bag.

    I had a RadTech Screensaverz thingy left over from my old PB, so fished that out, it fits perfectly, and voila! My MBA monitor screen is now protected. :)
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    I ordered my Rad Tech Notebook Screen Savrz this morning and it already shipped. Looks like something similar to the small clothe that shipped with the Air but big enough that it covers the entire keyboard. I look forward to it's arrival.
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    I am using the Incase MacBook sleeve I had from my other MacBook, but when I put it in im worried its going to get scratched on the jaws of the case.
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    yeah but what about the macbook air though ?
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    I plan to throw mine in a zipped notepad padfolio & carry it with me daily, to meetings, lunches, in the car, etc.

    That's my use for the MBA. Light enough to have with me all the time, even when I don't want to lug a bag of some type. Couldn't see the MBA as an only laptop, but its perfect for this use, IMHO.
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    They are based out of China so the other side of the world might not be a bad description of where they are.
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    Im getting the Airmail sleeve. Really do feel u should have a sleeve for any portable.
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    I received an email from today saying they should have products in 3 weeks. Their Protection Pack Plus for the MBP is really great. The same thing on the MBA wrist rest would go a long way toward making it more comfortable.

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