Protools 6 shipping.

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by medea, Feb 4, 2003.

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    It's about time... :rolleyes:
  3. Sol
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    Pro Tools for USB

    You could say that Pro Tools are the Apple of audio recording. They provide the software needed to run the software for audio and they also make the hardware to use it on. I think they should open source their software and expand their hardware line-up. It would mean more compatibility generally with other hardware audio devices and better brand recognition for DigiDesign products.
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    I wonder when the free version is gonna be out.....
  5. Sol
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    I do not know.

    A free version of Avid's video editing software will come in mid 2003. Considering that Avid and DigiDesign have compatible software (and that Avid bought DigiDesign) it would seem likely to release free versions simultaneously.
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    PTFree Not Likely Soon....

    over in the digidesign forums someone asked about a projected PTFree release date and a digidesign moderator said this:

    :( VERY sad for me, as its what ive been waiting for ever since i moved to osx. It even made me start looking at logic for a while, but i just cant bring myself to do that. so it looks like im buying myself an mbox....
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    This may be a stupid question, but as I'm just now starting in audio I'm a little confused about the product lines.

    Is Protools LE 6 also shipping? Is it a seperate product or just the full version with some stuff taken out?
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    PTFree vs LE vs TDM

    Yeah, PT6 will be shipping in "mid february" according to digidesign. this includes both LE and TDM. the upgrade for existing LE users is $75 and for TDM users is $195 or so.

    basically LE is for people who are buying the low end digidesign hardware like the MBOX, Digi001 and Digi002(though the initial shipping of LE doesnt support Digi002...).
    It is fully functioned, but has a few less bells and whistles than the high end TDM version, also it might support less tracks.
    the TDM version is for folks shelling out for the serious kit(high end digidesign hardware).

    a while back, before PTFree came around, there was a DAE extension called "Powermix" or something like that, which was basically a soundmanager driver for dae(protools), allowing folks with no digidesign hardware at all to use protools software with their builtin audio.
    Now that it looks like PTFree is at the very least on the backburner, i wonder if someone could write a driver like this for PT6....
    just a thought.
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    ProTools on a Powerbook?

    ProTools on a Powerbook?

    Can one successfully run ProTools (5, 6) on a Powerbook (say the new 17" or TiBook 1Ghz) without incident? Is this a bad idea?

    Does ProTools require a specific sound card not in the Powerbook and if so, would this be installed via the PC Card/CardBus slot?

    What other hardware/peripherals would I need (keep in mind I am interested in the possibility of doing film sound work - not creating music)?

    Would I get Mbox instead?

    I am completely in the dark about this stuff, so your comments, answers and advice would be most welcome.
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    Re: ProTools on a Powerbook?

    You can certainly rn Pro Tools on a powerbook. Anyone who has been in the audio world for a while probably learned it on a 400 mhz G4. A production tech friend of mine runs all of the production for a major radio station here in Nashville on a G3 266 running Pro Tools 4.

    Keep in mind, that Pro Tools isn't like logic or acid or other, more prosumer music solutions. Pro Tools isn't really designed to run software synths and the waht not. Its designed to have live instruments run into a board (external hardware) run into Pro Tools, mixed down there, and run back out to the board. So to really take advantage of the software, you might as well be stationary. If, however, you already have the sounds in Pro Tools, youcan do all the mix down on a mobile computer. Of course, the speakers on a Powerbook are crap, and mini-jack output to speakers lose quality rapidly, so its still not really mad for mobile computing.

    All of that said, if you just want to do some mixing and tweaking on the road, and are satisfied to work with headphones (this means much less cotroll of ver stero fileds and no 51 mixing) wait for PTools Free to come out for X. It'll have as many tracks as any amatur needs, its free, and a gig powerbook will handle it fine as long as it has a fast Hard drive. Thats a big question with audio latency, drive speed. For instance, the radio stattion running off a 233 is using a 100gig SCSI drive, very, very fast.
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    PT on a powerbook

    Other than ProTools Free, all other versions of PT require digidesign hardware to be connected to the computer in order for the software to run. To use it with a powerbook, you'd require either an Mbox (USB), Digi001 (firewire), or a magma expansion chassis that allows you to connect PCI cards to the powerbook (not very portable though).

    While I use a Digi001 with my powermac, I'm hoping for a PT6 Free version to come out to so I can get some work done on my iBook as well. Contrary to what some else said, I thought I heard from Digi that a free version will emerge in the coming months.
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    that was me, and i was directly quoting a digidesign forums moderator. check it out over at in their protools free forum.

    i pray im wrong. sadly, i go to sleep each night dreaming of protools free for osx. yes, thats pathetic. but honestly, i hate all the other audio sequencers on the market, and long for the simplicity and robustness of protools without having to reboot.

    i'll be the first to download when/if it does get released...
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    Re: Re: ProTools on a Powerbook?

    First of all, Logic is used in many professional studios, even along with Digi hardware. It's not a "prosumer" solution. And Acid is just junk.

    And since when do headphones offer less control over stereo fields? I know many engineers that use headphones during a mixdown pricisely for the reason of stereo positioning.
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    spot the logic zeliot!! :D :D

    NO software synths for protools is pure BS, infact virus and synthspider from the TDM systems were running under protools before modern computers could offer enough cpu power for software synths to even be an option!

    There are loads of host based software synths for protools (including LE) on the mac!!

    Here's a few to get you started

    NI B4
    NI Battery
    NI Pro-52
    NI Reactor
    NI Kontakt
    Bitheadz Unity DS-1
    Bitheadz Unity AS-1/Retro AS-1
    Bitheadz Unity Session
    Koblo Vibra 1000
    Koblo Vibra 6000
    Koblo Vibra 9000
    Koblo Stella
    Kobla Gamma
    IK Sampletank
    Antares Kantos

    I've been using Protools LE for a number of years and I either own or have tried demos of quite a few of the software synths above and they work fine with protools and don't need tricky environment setups to get them working.

    Also, seeing as it relies on digidesign hardware to work, there's no pissing about with ASIO drivers and stuff to get it working with better than onboard quality audio hardware.

    The only negative thing right now is that all those software synths are going to have to be rewritten to work with protools 6.0 under OS X so the list of compatable synths isn't going to be long. There are even more than the ones I've mentioned for OS 9 but there's also a hell of a lot of new software synths coming for protools 6.0 this year aswell. Also, rewire support is coming to a future release of protools 6 so that means you can run it alongside reason!
  15. Sol
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    The M-Box, Digi 001 & Digi 002 rely on a software engine for all their plug-ins. The hardware that comes with those systems provide multiple inputs & outputs as well as gain control & phantom power for microphones. All the plug-ins are software based. Considering that OS X can multi-task better than OS 9, it should handle several real-time effects quite well.

    I hope Digidesign release even more products now that they have the software out.
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    Does any of u guys use an ibook in combination with a motu 828? (similar to 001 but it's firewire and therefore ideal for a laptop).
    I want to use it on stage in a band for audio playback and sequencing.
    I cant find anytihng about it on the web.
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    Thanks. Ill check it out!
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    M box for mac 6.0

    WOW!!!!!!!!! I just switched from a dell Inspiron 7500 P111 and Orded the New 17 inch Powerbook, I am Freaking Out!!!!! I am thinking about getting the M box with Pro tools LE 6.0 Will it work good with the 17 inch Powerbook? and is it easy to install? I do Live sound and want to record the bands 2 track LIVE, and want to know if this is the way to go????
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    Bastards at Digidesign.
    Protools 6 LE isn't compatible with a pci mac.
    Grrrrrrrrrr :(
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    M box for mac 6.0

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was told from my sales person that I can also use the software that comes with the M box for windows XP? I don't have the 17 inch Powerbook and I don't know when it will Ship??? Should I try to get a hang of the LE pro tools on my windows XP dell? Or should I wait to install it on the 17 inch? Or can you do Both?
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    Mix-and-match CoreAudio HW/SW?

    Several people have claimed that, with CoreAudio, it's now possible to mix and match CoreAudio-supported hardware and software, thanks to things like hardware abstraction (HAL).

    Example: Using a MOTU 828 to feed signals into ProTools 6.

    I've seen some postings here, however, that suggest this might not be entirely true. Can someone give the straight dope on this one, please?


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