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Prototype iPhone 4 Appears on eBay

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. MacRumors, Jul 3, 2011
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    As noted by ThisIsMyNext, a prototype iPhone 4 appeared on eBay this weekend. This prototype iPhone 4 has many of the signs that it is a pre-release device. The volume buttons don't have the + and - markings as the production models have, and the FCC ID, Size and Model numbers are X'd out on the back casing. The eBay description details the findings:
    The iPhone 4 prototype is notable for being one of the most leaked Apple devices ever. A prototype of the device was said to be found in a bar, after which it was sold to gadget blog Gizmodo. The site then did a tear down and analysis of the device well before its launch.


    Article Link: Prototype iPhone 4 Appears on Ebay
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    Saw this earlier somewhere and thought it was a fake or something. Even so, who's buying this? A collector?

    Good to see TIMN sourced though :)
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    Gray Powell's iPhone4?
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    Probably a collector, someone really interested in Apple ... imagine what it might go for in 20 years!
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    Likey the auction will be taken down like usual at Apple's request.

    If it is a prototype then it is Apple's property.
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    Why does it look the X's get larger as they go from left to right on the model number?
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    $25,300?? Current bid. That's crazy.
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    Looks like a dodgy Photoshop to me, someone isn't particularly good with the distortion transforms.
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    It definitely was one of the most leaked prototypes from Apple. I don't think Apple will be friends with Gizmodo for a long time. See my sig (made last year).
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    Trick of the light shining on them at that angle?
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    Current bid is 26,000
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    Going by the other picture I think it was just the way the light hit it...

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    HAHAHA it just hit $40,000 :eek: but could that be the autobidder thing?
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    It just went up to $40K+.

    Somebody owes Macrumors a huge 'thank you.'
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    I am curious how this ebay auction doesn't violate the Ebay TOS. I doublt Apple is listing prototypes or other IP on ebay.
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    Imagine if that guy got it for 500 (first question posed to seller on ebay)
  19. CaseyEE, Jul 3, 2011
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    That is crazy. Who knew it would get this high? I can't believe its over $100k!
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    As noted by a commenter here, the iTunes logo didn't change until 3 months after the iPhone was released. Assuming that a prototype wouldn't be able to use a stock firmware, this is looking a bit doubtful.
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    You guys should go to the ebay page and just refresh every few minutes its amazing its at US $999,999.00 it will it 1 mill i bet wow.
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    at $1,000,000 now. wow
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    OMG its at $999,999 :eek:
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    I have a feeling that the one who is bidding the highest will just back out of it and not pay.
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