PS anti-glare for front screen (isight pics)

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by undercompensate, Jul 30, 2010.

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    Update: Some better shots of the anti-glare have been added. See post #9.

    PS arrived for me today.

    Application was ridiculously easy compared to Casemate's. I feel like I have a near perfect alignment with the front screen, but I just can't seem to iron out a tiny air bubble next to the front-facing camera :( Any Tips from the other people who tried to put it on already? Hopefully, the bubble will go away in time. Fixed it: Gently applying pressure with a the edge of a credit card helped work out the tiny bubbles.

    The reason why the application was so easy -- I messed up big time. I left the fan on, and it deposited dust specks everywhere on my phone screen. I forged ahead anyway, and picked off the dust with scotch tape, smoothing out larger bubbles with my finger. It worked, so harm done.

    As for clarity issues, I have to say this screen looks better than the PS support AG I applied to my ipod touch (and this thing is leagues ahead of Case Mate's). There is some grainyness on the iphone's bright green icons (like Phone and Messages), as well as a blank white screen a la Safari -- but there is no banding whatsoever. At least for me, the screen still has that same wow factor of the retina display.

    3rd picture shows the naked screen with some reflections.
    Last picture shows the off-screen with as many fingerprints I could layer on on the film.

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    Those anitglare/fingerprints really dull the retina display, i had one on mine for an hour before i ripped it off and put my SGP crystal back on.
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    Sure thing -- the Case mate one you can buy from ATT does dull the display a bit. Did you try the PS one or another brand?

    Also, if anyone has any input on whether the bubble goes away in time, I'd preciate the input.
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    I bought the combo set too but I installed the crystal clear front. I would like to sell the extra Ant-Glare film since I'll never use it. Is there a classified section on this forum?
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    there is but, per forum rules, you aren't invited (250 posts needed).
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    Thanks for this thread.

    Are you planning on taking any HD pics of the screen protector?
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    Looks pretty awesome.
    Please post some HIGH QUALITY pictures soon!
    I'd like to really see the details of the 'Anti-Glare HD' that PS has... :D :apple:
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    I have always used anti-glare films from Power Support. Yes, they do dull the screen. But I've been use to it over the years.

    I much rather have a slightly (and it is very slight on the new HD films) dull screen that doesn't attract dust and finger prints, than a crisp screen that I have to clean every 5 minutes.

    These new films from Power Support are leaps and bounds easier to install. You don't actually have to be in a clean room to get them installed without bubbles. The protective backing on the film is split into 4 segments that allow segmented installation. I had no dust problems with my install!
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    These are some slightly better shots of the iphone and PS anti-glare in action. Includes a close up of the home screen.

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    wow, very nice screen protector, looks awesome!
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    PS rocks! I have tried them all and they are the best, and with the new design it really makes it a fool proof installation :D
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    Thanks for the clearer shots! It looks okay, I think I'm gonna go for the Crystal for the first time EVER lol. I just love the display on the iPhone 4.
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    I love the display but I hate finger prints more... I had the SGP EX but has since installed the PS anti-glare and it is a much better film even though it is not as clear.
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    Haha, same here. Had a perfect Oleophobic installation, and then I peeled it off the next day thanks to the fingerprints.

    Still a good film though. Just diff priorities for me.
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    But the point of the oleophobic is, you get a clear screen and the finger prints wipe off as if they were nothing.:confused:
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    Yeah, that's what a reasonable person would think, but in reality it's not that easy to wipe off. It definitely does not come off like it is nothing.
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    It wipes easily for me when I use a microfiber cloth, but an anti-glare helps prevent a majority of fingerprints from appearing in the first place.
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    YEah I guess. But a lot easier than a crystal screen. Normally when I use the phone and put it in my jeans pocket it comes out pretty clean.

    True but I just can't get on with the graininess.
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    so between this and the EX ultra fine, PS anti-glare is better?

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