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PS3 controller

Discussion in 'Games' started by sam10685, May 16, 2006.

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    so i was just looking at my see-thru smoke colored PS2 controller and i noticed there's lots of emptiness under the thingy's that give it the shock feature in the handles. i mean, i know the motion sensor thing whatever it is and the blue-tooth must take up some added space but i was just wonderin'... it seems to me that they'd be able to put a rapidly-spinning half-orb into atleast one of the handles by november 17th to give it rumble. what do u think?
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    i believe the reason they left out rumble was because it interferes with the motion tracking, not due to space
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    BLESS! You really are that gullable ;)

    SONY removed rumble because they got seriously caught last year in a patent infringment case over the rumble. A case that they lossed and were forced to pay millions in back royalties and costs to the plaintive. A company who I believe nintendo actually have a share in.

    This is Sony's attempt at filling up the controller with Somthing to make it seem they are trying to do somthing for the consumer, when in fact they are just saying SCREW YOU!

    People take off the Rose tinted glasses and wake up and smell the coffee.........
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    Yup. I believe Nintendo does have shares in the company and Microsoft paid an out of court settlement.
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    ahh. nintendo didn't seem to think it would interfere with the motion sensing.
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    While I very much like rumble, as do many people, I also know many other people who dislike the feature quite a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if it was close to a 50/50 split...

    Someone should make a PS2 emulator for 360... (insert horrible lawsuits), the PS2 emulators on PC are getting quite good!

    /me pats his bleem!cast disc
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    Oh really, where can I get this good emulator? The ones I've used on a 2.0 GHz Athlon 64 are 5-10 FPS just booting the BIOS. >.>'
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    I'd very much doubt it's a 50/50 split on rumble. MAYBE a 50/25/25 split (like it, don't like it, don't care). I'd be more inclined to say it's 60/20/20, as the majority of people I a) know like the feature, b) "talk to" online were holding breath/crossing fingers for at least rumble in the Wiimote back before it was in there.

    I know that it adds something to the games because my wife, a non-gamer who plays Mario Party and Kart on occasion was playing my Mario Kart on my DS and said "did you say they make a rumble back for this?" and I said "yep" to which she replied "you need to get that". Anecdotal, sure, but I think that's the way most people feel about it... don't really think about it while it's there, but when it's gone you notice it and want it back.
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    Funny, the Sony fanboys I spoke too (who somehow missed E3) were all shocked, and dare I say very peeved that Sony lost the rumble. I told my 360-owning mate and he laughed. probably more than a healthy amount too.

    There may be 1 or 2 who don't mind no rumble. But at least in the UK we have become accustomed and love our rumbling controllers.
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    Rumble pads have their moments, but anyone who thinks this could make or break a system are fooling themselves.
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    Oh but not supporting HD is a step backwards...

    Priorities. Tisk, tisk.
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    Your point?
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    I didn't mean that directly towards you (I apologize) but rather towards all of these gaming fanatics who poo-poo the Wii due to it's lack of HD, but will defend Sony's machine as the height of technological advancement despite the fact that they've been stripping announced features one after the other, and that they can't even design a new controller.

    I read a post on a forum somewhere, I don't remember where, but there was this guy who said: I only play video games in HD with 5.1 surround sound. Nothing else.

    I don't know about a lot of you out there, but my Atari 2600 plugged in through the coax plug gets the most gaming on my tv.
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    I'll do it then. Most of the time I forget the rumble feature is even there. I just don't pay attention to it. But not to have HD, that just sucks.
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    Aye. I've NEVER liked rumbling controllers. Why not making the system 5.1 so I can hear where the hits are coming from to know I'm getting shot. Rumble sucks, it really does, it's nothing but annoying.

    But to be serious, HD is becoming a STANDARD. The FCC soon will stop off-air antena signals in the US, and they are shoving HD down our throats. So, when I manage to get my HDTV, this makes it all the more glorious.
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    I'm sorry that it sucks that my salary doesn't even allow me to buy an HD tv, so I guess that means next gen gaming is done for me... Oh wait, someone is making sure that I can experience next-gen games and won't cost me two month's rent.

    (This just shows what market Nintendo is at the same time isolating and embracing)
  17. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    No one is forcing you to get an HD TV. But why should those of us with HD TVs not be able to utilize that technology?

    I've said this over and over. The 360 and the PS3 are aimed at similar markets of high-end, cutting edge gamers.. The Wii is aimed at budget gamers and children who's parents purchase their systems. They aren't really comparable.
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    I don't really care all that much that Sony is pulling the rumble out. It's cool in some games, but not something I will miss all that much. Be nice to keep it. I just wish they could man up and tell the truth about why it will be missing. Can't fit, my arse.
    I love my PS, PS2, and PSP (Xbox, GC, and DS, too), and I'll be buying the PS3 (to go with a Wii:rolleyes: ), but Sony is not doing themselves any favors with the way they are rolling up to release. Disinformation, selective omissions, crippled 'core' system, crazy high pricing. They'll still be standing at the end of this generation, but they may not be in the lead. I think it's going to Nintendo.
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    I know no one is forcing me to get an HD tv: but the reason nintendo isn't supporting 720p and up is because it takes more processing power/RAM to make an HD image AND have a good framerate. The more power and RAM you have, the more expensive it is. If Nintendo wanted to, they could have put all that power into the Wii...but it would have been expensive.

    Now that they realize that they can't compete with gigaflops/polygons, etc (just look at the Gamecube, N64) they're going to compete with their low price and wacky controller.
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    Rumble can be great when it's done well... just... a lot of games don't do it well (or over do it).
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    Oh Nintendo could, they definitely have the resources to compete at that level if they wanted to. But they don't, their approach and perspective is completely different. They've said these things many times.

    They want to keep their game development costs between $4-$5 million rather then the $10-$20+ million that is quickly becoming common.

    That is why they dropped Rare, who kept wanting bigger budgets for larger scale games.

    Development kits for Wii are about $2K from the last report I heard, they really want to keep costs low; maximizing their profit. To me, that is just a smart strategy and it has worked very well for them, especially with GBA and DS.
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    People complaining about rumble...

    last I checked, all games that have a rumble feature, have an

    OFF option

    dont like? turn it off, jeez dont complain about it.
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    Whoa, sorry thats a bad comment. I'm a cutting edge gamer. I bought a £200 graphics card in my desktop PC the other day, just so I can run all these current games in my monitors native 1600*1200 resolution. I have a HDTV in my bedroom that ran my mates 360 very well.

    Who the hell are you to categorise me as a budget gamer, or that my parents buy my systems? I could go out and buy a PS3 and 360 now if I wanted. and a PSP for the train ride home, or maybe the entire Top 10 DS game shelf in Game. I have more than enough, I have 5.1 and a HDTV, I'm building a new super gaming desktop estimated to cost between £1900-2200. Is that cutting edge enough for you? Does it offend you that I will not be buying a PS3 and 360 but a Wii only (unless Halo 3 is god)?

    Jesus. enough with the stereotyping.

    Anyways. I won't buy a PS3. One of those reasons is the lack of rumble. I love it personally. MGS's heartbeat tracker? the way some horror games use it to build up the tension? Zelda's item hunting. I didn't buy a Wavebird primarily because of the lack of rumble. Masses slated the lack of rumble on that controller. It isn't different now. you may not care for rumble but I see it as a step back, a different thing altogether from Nintendo's refusal to step forward.
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    It was a generalization. I didn't go out and survey every possible potential video game system purchaser. Some people (Note: this sentence is not a generalization but a comment directed specifically at you) are way to sensitive about things and need to chill out. But answer me this, if you like cutting edge gaming, why the hell would you purchase a Wii (I really do like that name more and more) over the other two? If you just like the Wii style better, than fine. I can't argue with you over an opinion. But no one can consider the Wii more cutting edge than the 360 or the PS3.

    EDIT: And by the way, I never said WHO will purchase which systems. I stated which market the companies are trying to target. There is a huge difference. If Nintendo was targeting the cutting edge market, they would have created a more powerful system. No one can deny that.
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    winner. funniest post of the day!

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