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PS3 theme changing color?

Discussion in 'Games' started by aholden12592, Jan 28, 2007.

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    So i just got a ps3 and the theme color was black. but then today it suddenly turned to yellow. why did this happen? is there any way to change it back?
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    The PSP UI had an option to change the color every month, maybe the PS3 does the same thing?? Kinda weird though since it isn't the last day of the month yet. Maybe your date and time settings are wrong??
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    im pretty sure they're right
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    It randomly changes colors.....
    There is no calendar that it adheres to.

    It doesn't both me, so I haven't fiddled with the settings.
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    It actually changes by the month, so yes it uses a calendar :)

    It's in the manual, it says what color will be shown for what month. It changes around the 15th of every month.

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    It also changes to reflect the time of day. It has a "night mode" so to speak.
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    that makes sense. cuz i turned it on at like 4 and it was half black half yellow.
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    I think there's a way to set it to one color of your choice, although I haven't gotten my hands one one yet to no for sure. This should be the case, however, since the newer firmware versions of the PSP have this option along with changing colors month by month if I'm not mistaken.
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    i checked through all the options and there is no way to change it that i know of
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    Hopefully they'll release an update for that. I could have sworn I saw it before but left it as the default, but I guess I confused that for my psp. :(
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    Cool, I' look forward to that on my ps3 :) Just wish it would get here sooner. I know i dont need it sooner, but i want it :D
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    Didn't you buy a used PS3 MRU? How does Sony handle the fact that the network accounts are by machine? You will want to make your own name, though.
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    you can have multiple accounts for online, plus you can jsut reformat the drive and erase all the previous user data.....
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    I was actually wondering about this myself lads. So you've both raised and answered a question I had :D thanks.

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