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PS3 - What Happened To Linux?

Discussion in 'Games' started by MRU, May 13, 2006.

  1. MRU


    Last year we were told that Linux would be pre-installed and a variety of applications for basic video editing and such would be available. This was of course a year ago, when it was still speculated that the HDD would be an addon.

    This year however at E3 Sony remain very quiet on Linux and have yet to find a trace of it mentioned anywhere at E3 on all the major sites.

    Has Linux dissapeared? will it just be the OS powering the Sony dashboard? Are Sony removing yet another feature from the Ps3?

    LINUX - Where are't thou ?
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    I'd've been more suprised if it were still there. Sony don't want another XBMC. They lose enough money as it is
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    Well even if they had it I would expect it to be very crippled ala the PSP firmware.

    But hey, why should we think it didn't go the way of Dual Gb Ethernet, etc etc?
  4. MRU


    Well that is what I think, just another Sony advantage ;)
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    Wasn't it triple gigabit ethernet that went byebye?

    I think Linux will be there but it will be crippled. It's the whole piracy issue again. Sony just sold a console at a huge loss and you expect to play freeware Linux games on it? good luck.
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    Who the **** needs Dual ethernet? Who? On one machine no less?! That's why it's called a ROUTER. Buy one.

    I'd like to know if Linux is still available as well.

    Take a look at that.
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    What happened to Killzone for the P$3? Last year that's all people could talk about and this year I've not heard a peep about it. :confused:
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    Well, apparently the PS3 uses a similar GUI to the PSP. So it looks like Linux isn't going to be the main backbone system we thought it was. hmm.
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    GUI is just a GUI, linux COULD be the backbone.
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    Unfortunately, it does appear that PS3 Linux may have gone to the same place that Sony sent dual gigabit ethernet, controllers with vibration, and affordability.
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    Linux gone... triple Ethernet gone... dual HDMI support gone (and ALL HDMI support gone from some SKUs)... memory card slots gone from some SKUs... WiFi gone from some SKUs... wireless controllers gone from some SKUs... vibration gone from controllers...

    Geez, it'd be easier to list what's left in the PS3 than to list what was removed.
  12. MRU


    Well feck all in the Core model :D
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    Linux is gone because I ate it.

    It tasted good.

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    A Cell chip and a convenient portable grill, seemingly. Just cover those vents.
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    Linux is still on.


    Gah, I wish the PS3 cost less. I've been coding on Linux in my CS classes, it would be extremely fun to play around with. But I can't rationalize paying for Blu-ray without a HDTV or even EDTV, and I can't rationalize $499 without online capabilities (none of my TVs are near ethernet ports, I REQUIRE WiFi), and I can't rationalize $599 for a games system when there are very few titles I see I want so far and I could build a Linux PC for much less.

    I really do like the system, it's just that the price and games are so disappointing so far...Kingdom Hearts 3 might change that of course :)
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    I'm going to bump this because nobody saw my above post.
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    We saw it.

    It's just that no one really cares about playing with Linux on a game console, except for a teeny, tiny fraction of gearheads out there. ;)
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    Killzone is still coming out, but that movie of it wasn't realtime footage. I read that it was and was blown away, but yeah, just pretty pre rendered scenes. Dang.
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    The Cell architecture is different enough from most computers that i could see a lot of developers buying a PS3 just to toy around with writing applications to use all those processing units.

    It's also a good way for Sony to get a wider audience writing code for PS3, which could eventually open up new applications and new markets for them.
  21. MRU


    Not true. The development SDK for the PS3 is VERY VERY expensive. That is what has put people off. Smaller developers are going to shy away, though they may go the way of xbox live arcade.
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    If you think that Linux is trivial, you haven't thought it through.

    ANY multimedia functionality Sony does not put in, you can run via Linux. Streaming video, PVR functionality, etc.
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    Doesn't PVR require some form of TV receiver?
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    Why would developers develop if no one's buying them?! Haha, we're going to have to wait and see...
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    Yup, and there are Linux drivers for USB ones as well as Linux PVR software. :)

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