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PS3 & Xbox 360 Q1 Games Comparison

Discussion in 'Games' started by Haoshiro, Jan 31, 2007.

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    I was wondering how the software libraries for PS3 and 360 compared in this early part of 2007 (from now - Mar 31) so I decided to compile a list and share it. These are based on US Release Dates.

    I wanted to know a few things as well, like which were exclusive, which were already out on other systems, and which were coming to what system first.

    So I color coded the list as follows:
    Bold - Console exclusive titles
    Italic - Cross Platform
    Bold Grey - Exclusive XBLA / PSN
    Navy - Coming out first to this system
    Green - Releasing near simultaneously
    Maroon - Already out for another system
    Orange - Already out for competing system but is including some exclusive content.
    * - XBLA / PSN downloadable title

    Note: This is specifically a console comparison, so a game will be listed as exlusive even if it also comes out on PC; although I did try to Underline such titles.

    Xbox 360
    1. Jan 09 - Rapala Trophies - Activision - Sports
    2. Jan 09 - *Ms. Pac-Man
    3. Jan 12 - World Pool Championship 2007
    4. Jan 12 - Lost Planet
    5. Jan 17 - *Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank
    6. Jan 17 - NCAA March Madness 07
    7. Jan 30 - Battlestations: Midway
    8. Feb 01 - Fuzion Frenzy 2
    9. Feb 05 - Rapala Tournament Fishing - Activision - Hunting
    10. Feb 06 - Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 - Konami - Sports
    11. Feb 19 - NBA Street Homecourt - Electronic Arts - Sports
    12. Feb 20 - Crackdown - Microsoft - Action
    13. Feb 27 - Bullet Witch - Atari - Action
    14. Feb 27 - Dance Dance Revolution Universe - Konami - Music
    15. Feb 27 - Samurai Warriors 2 Empires - KOEI - Strategy
    16. Mar 05 - Major League Baseball 2K7 - 2K Games - Sports
    17. Mar 06 - Def Jam: Icon - Electronic Arts - Fighting
    18. Mar 07 - Rayman Raving Rabbids - Ubisoft - Platformer
    19. Mar 20 - UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 - Electronic Arts - Sports
    20. Mar 30 - Disney's Meet the Robinsons - Buena Vista Games - Action
    21. Mar - GTR - 10Tacle Studios - Racing Simulation
    22. Mar - Two Worlds - SouthPeak Interactive - RPG
    23. Apr 03 - Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia - SouthPeak Interactive - Action
    24. Mar - Guitar Hero II - RedOctane - Music
    25. Q1 - *Castle Crashers - Action
    26. Q1 - Forza Motorsport 2 - Microsoft - Racing Simulation
    27. Q1 - John Woo Presents Stranglehold - Midway Games - Action Adventure
    28. Q1 - Medal of Honor: Airborne - Electronic Arts - Shooter
    29. Q1 - Mobile Ops: The One Year War - Bandai - Shooter
    30. Q1 - Alone in the Dark - Atari - Adventure
    31. Q1 - Earth Defense Force 2017, The - D3 Publisher - Action
    32. Q1 - *Sensible World of Soccer - Microsoft - Sports
    33. Q1 - Culdcept Saga - Namco Bandai Group - Strategy
    34. Q1 - Theseis - *TBA - Adventure
    35. Q1 - Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway - Ubisoft - Shooter
    36. Q1 - *3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures
    37. Q1 - *Alien Hominid HD
    38. Q1 - *Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    39. Q1 - *Catan
    40. Q1 - *Worms
    41. Spring - Armored Core 4

    1. Jan 30 - Sonic the Hedgehog
    2. Feb 20 - College Hoops 2K7 - 2K Sports - Sports
    3. Feb 20 - Virtua Fighter 5 - SEGA - Fighting
    4. Feb 26 - *flOw - Sony Computer Entertainment - Action
    5. Feb 26 - *Go! Puzzle - Sony Computer Entertainment - Puzzle
    6. Feb 27 - Formula One Championship Edition - Sony Computer Entertainment - Racing
    7. Mar 05 - Major League Baseball 2K7 - 2K Games - Sports
    8. Mar 06 - MotorStorm - Sony Computer Entertainment - Racing
    9. Mar 06 - NBA Street Homecourt - Electronic Arts - Sports Action
    10. Mar 06 - Def Jam: Icon - Electronic Arts - Fighting
    11. Mar 12 - *Calling All Cars - Sony Computer Entertainment - Action
    12. Mar 13 - Enchanted Arms - Ubisoft - RPG
    13. Mar 13 - Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The - Bethesda Softworks - RPG
    14. Mar 13 - F.E.A.R. - Vivendi Games - Shooter
    15. Mar 20 - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas - Ubisoft - Shooter
    16. Mar 20 - Virtua Tennis 3 - SEGA - Sports
    17. Mar 20 - Godfather: The Don's Edition, The - Electronic Arts - Action
    18. Mar 20 - Armored Core 4
    19. Mar 27 - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent - Ubisoft - Action

    PS3 is getting some good software, although most of it has been on 360 for awhile. VF5 is the highlight for me, and MotorStorm looks like the highlight of the exclusives.

    I also noticed that when a game is cross platform and releasing on 360 first, the PS3 version seems to have a release date of 3-6 months afterwards. Yikes.

    I think a couple of those PS3 exclusives might be "arcade" titles rather then retail (fl0w and Go!?) but I'm not sure...

    All in all I hope Q2 (or even Q3) is a lot better for PS3 owners then Q1 looks to be...

    I'll try to do one of these next quarter as well, but I don't want to do it now since dates are more likely to change.
  2. MRU


    2 games there for the PS3... Virtua Fighter 5 and Motorstorm.

    I havent decided if I'll get VF5 on ps3 100% yet, simply because I know come summer when the 360 version is out, its bound to have Live with content downloads or online play, whist the current PS3 version is lacking online mode.

    Motorstorm is 100% gotta buy.

    (Flow & Go are PSN downloads.)


    GRAW 2 is out in march too, (DEMO on marketplace NOW) but it's not on your list. I'll be buying it anyway,

    Alone in the Dark
    Two Worlds

    all look interesting.
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    I'd be more interested to see a list of early/Q1 games for the 360 in 2005/2006 to compare how well it did with games support to the PS3 starting out. Good research, though.
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    Nice list I just played the graw2 demo and interested very much
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    I think you're trying to get a different kind of comparison, one that is in most regards pointless.

    The point of this is to compare current releases so people know what's coming out and when. That can also help people determine what system might offer them more.

    People want to know what they can play now, comparing the first/second quarters for each systems launch only compares launches, it doesn't help gamers find out what they will be playing on each system now.

    Not sure if this will help, but Oblivion was a Q1 title for 360... and is now coming to PS3. So there's one match for you. :) Many of the other titles you'll see are listed under PS3 as already out (on 360) and have been available for a good 3-6 months. That trend seems to be continuing if this 360 list is any indication.

    Actually it's listed as Q2 for 360/PS3 at least in the US. June in Europe, and March in Australia. I haven't seen dates that say otherwise.

    I'll correct the PS3 list and add PSN.
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    Still no games standing out there, 360 looks a little better. I'm a fan of Forza after all.

    I don't understand this Flow business. It's a friggin FREE Flash game for christs sake... yet Sony are going to be charging for the privilege? It's not an exclusive either.

    PS3 to be the next PSP?
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    for vf5 im sure if they include online play for 360 theyll have an update for the ps3 version - sega makes more money off sony then they do ms so i doubt they would leave them out on something important like that
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    Nothing is worse to me than an American RPG. :rolleyes: I'll be skipping that one. I know Ed's drooling over it though.

    Many of the early 360 games were ports of PS2/XBOX games. That trend did continue for a while. Then it stopped. One thing I noticed last year was how many games came out on all systems. How many commercials did we see that showed GC, PS2, XBOX, PSP, DS icons on them after? The whole multi-platform thing really took off last year. Of course, if this trend continues then you might as well buy any system because for the most part they'll all look the same. If you don't take advantage of specific pieces of hardware you can't make a really well polished game. Like how COD3's tilt control on the PS3 or Wiimote control on the Wii feeling kind of tacked on.

    Actually the interesting thing the comparison I pointed out wanting to see would be to see how quickly you saw releases shifting away from the XBOX to the 360. Also, how quickly consumers saw multi-platform releases not come on both but just the 360.
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    I feel that ther is nothing worse than japanese rpgs. Turn based?!?! endless fmv?!?!?! and i generally don't like the art direction/palatte of JRPG's not a big fan of the moused up purple hair with the creepy big eyes (as you can tell me no like the anime)
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    Exclusive game-play.......you have tilt enable on your keyboard or something?
    I don't know what else they are gonna thrown in, besides HD visuals, btu it will be interesting to find out.

    You know they have delayed it a few times already just to increase the feature set(and they keep saying the delays are worth it)....so time will tell.
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    ^ quite funny you should say that!

    A while ago there was a Sony fan shouting at me for saying that the Wii controller will bring in new gameplay. that a controller can't do that. :D
    With the type of game Flow is it will not be any better with tilt controls. I've set up GlovePie and played it and it really isn't any different. It's a poor Snake game.

    SpankyPenzaanz - I'm not a huge fan of JRPGs either. I like handheld ones (pre-PSP) because they were cut down, no pointless FMV's, no crappy voice acting. Just the game. I can't play console RPGs (from any region) at all.
    Ironic too that the people blasting for Realism in games with super high resolutions and realistic looking players want something as unreal, as fake as turn based games.
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    He's providing information, not starting a flamewar :rolleyes:

    Nice list, but still no Heavenly Sword or Final Fantasy, so no PS3 for me yet :)
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    Let's see...

    3. Feb 19 - NBA Street Homecourt
    4. Feb 20 - Crackdown
    8. Mar 05 - Major League Baseball 2K7
    13. Mar - GTR
    14. Mar - Two Worlds
    17. Q1 - Castle Crashers
    18. Q1 - Forza Motorsport 2
    19. Q1 - John Woo Presents Stranglehold

    Bolds are definite buys, everything else is getting a rental/demo/trial. I usually don't buy very many games, but damn- end of february/early march is looking solid!
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    That's really too bad. I was always the same way, and didn't get into Morrowind at all. But if you really consider them different genres it's not so hard to get over that prejudice.

    I love JRPGs, but Oblivion just gets better and better. It doesn't feel like a standard RPG at all. It's more like a fantasy world you get to live in... and is like an Action MMORPG only with no online component, heh.

    Real-time battles with Sword/Bow/Magic. Gameplay feels more like an action game, like a Fantasy FPS. :D

    I probably put quite a few hours into it and not being all that into it, but once I started seeing the depth it really started impressing me. Now I play it almost every day.
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    How may times have you bought the same Zelda game?
    SNES, GBA, VC, variants, etc.

    Sony are taking a sound game and offering it to you as a better experience.
    Better than just some "free friggin flash game."

    Motion/Tilt does offer a different way to interact with a game, that much is not arguable.
    Whether its good or bad for a game is a different story.

    Although I have heard positive reviews from people who have played Flow via SIXAXIS.
    A bit awkward at first, but very addictive once you get the hang of it.
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    shadowrun, blue dragon?
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    Shadowrun is still listed as Summer (Q2) and Blue Dragon as TBA. Chances are if it's still listed as TBA now, that it won't be out until at least Q2. Again, these are US lists... so dates for Europe, etc might be different.
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    I'm not picky, I'll take any RPG as long as it's good ;)
    I can't help notice, however, that the only RPGs on the above list are Elder Scrolls and Two Worlds. I keep wondering when the new consoles are going to get their share of RPGs. Hopefully in 2008 they'll do something. I would have thought that Sony would have at least one new RPG by now.
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    Mass Effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. MRU


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    Enchanted Arms is listed under PS3 and is a JRPG. It's already out on 360 and has gotten pretty good reviews from most places.

    I believe Culdcept Saga (360) is a Strategy RPG, and Blue Dragon (360) should also be out very soon... probably early Q2.
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    As an owner of both, I can say that 360 games pwn PS3 games so hard (so far), that it makes me shed a small tear for Sony.
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    Blue Dragon does look interesting, though I'm more excited about Lost Odyssey (not as big of a fan of the whole bobble-head RPGs). I'm sure the RPG market will pick up in 2008. I was just surprised/disappointed with Sony that they don't have any platformer RPGs in their lineup yet. Elder Scrolls and Enchanted Arms are both available on other systems and have been out for a little while. I guess I've just been spoiled by the last 6 months of PS2 where there's been at least one good RPG per month. ;)
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    A solid game? Flow was rejected by a huge majority of the indy scene because it really was little more than Snake with levels. You can do it now. Download GlovePie, connect your Wii Controller to a PC and BAM. play the flash game with gyros. It doesn't make this bad game good. Just as gyros won't make Pong or Alleyway better.

    How many times have I bought the same Zelda game? What has this got to do with a lacklustre Flash game? I've bought every Zelda game once, I got OoT free with Windwaker. I've still to own Zelda 2. I love the logic here
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    "Within the first two weeks following its release, flOw attracted more an approximately 350,000 downloads. By the time the thatgamecompany website launched, it had increased to more than 600,000 downloads."

    It was also a finalist at the Slamdance Guerilla Gamemaker Competition(but withdrew the entry), and was good enough to get a deal with Sony.

    I find it rather funny how some cheer simple games on one platform, but dismiss them on the competitors platform.

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