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PSP price cut

Discussion in 'Games' started by darkwing, Apr 3, 2007.

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    Nice...it still the core though, which is a bummer. I'm not sure how much this will help sales...to little to late. The PSP will keep sellling, but I don't think this will suddenly make the PSP start selling like the DS lite.

    Honestly is someone had wanted the PSP, I'm not too sure 30 buck was stopping them. Still nice, and will likely help a little.

    There a deal at walmart.com...209 for PSP core, 1 extra(case, cradle, ect) plus 2 greatest hits games. Thats a pretty good deal IMO
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    It might help.. my Japanese friend (exchange student) and another student friend were both eying the PSP and this may put them over the edge! We'll see. I'm going to forward that Wal-Mart deal to them. Thanks, zap2.
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    Very nice. I was waiting for a price drop.

    Any PSP RPGs expert around here? Could somebody list the bests for me? I'm especially fond of "eastern" RPGs and Tactical RPGs.

    PSPs aren't available in white in North America aren't they?

    Thank you.
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    Nope..playasia is what you want, but so far they still have the old 199 price
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    Disgaea is coming to PSP and that's one of the best SRPGs there is!

    Legend of Heroes I, II, III are great RPGs with good stories and GREAT graphics but horrible typos in the translation. (funny, though)

    PoPoLoCrois is a remake of like 4 PS1 Japanese only RPGs if you can find a copy. It's cute, but the battles are tedious.

    Blade Dancer is an RPG with graphics that are great, but too realistic looking.. I prefer high-res anime style. ;)

    Tales of Eternia (Tales of Destiny 2 in the US) is a remake of the PS1 RPG from Namco released in the UK. You can import it as PSP is region free. I highly recommend this, as the Tales series are the best RPG ever!

    Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology is coming to the US this summer. I have the Japanese version which I picked up in Osaka's Nipponbashi last January.

    Gurumin is fun and cute and plays like an Alundra.

    Generations of Chaos is an SRPG I think. I bought it but haven't opened it yet. :p I also need to find Spectral Souls which is also by the makers of Disgaea.

    Other games I suggest: Hot Shots Golf Open Tee, Chili con Carnage (best game ever!), and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

    I know I'm leaving one off my list... Oh, Astonishia Story. Remake of some old Sega game or something. It sucks so far, so I haven't played it.

    Jewel Summoner might be fun for you Pokémon kiddies.
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    Not a bad price cut, $50 would have been better but hey! better than nothing.

    Oh, and other games to get: Daxter and Ratchet & Clank, fun platformers.
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    Thanks for reminding me.. I need to pick up R&C. One of the two people I mentioned who want a PSP wants it for that game! And yes, I was hoping for $50. I don't think the PSP will ever catch up to the DS at this point but the system will do well and has done well enough for there to be a good selection of games on both platforms.
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    I don't think it matters if it catches up to the DS, since it won't. As long as it sells and makes Sony some $$ I doubt they care either. I'm just hoping for more integration with the PS3 and more features to be added to it :D
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    Yeah! I hate Nintendo for making the DS not work with GC connectivity... :mad:

    Hey, I bought Casino Royale and enjoyed it, but it wasn't all that. My friend who normally doesn't like Bond really likes Texas Hold 'Em so he enjoyed it a lot. I wanted more action! :mad:
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    Interesting. Is this a new Disgea or a port of of a PS2 Disgea?

    Are they really? I like the classic art style a lot but I can only find mediocre reviews.

    Tedious how? I'd like to make sure it's my kind of tedious ^_^

    Same here. I wouls pass on this one. Plus I've read that it has a lot of loading time.

    I also like "Tales of" games. I recently gave up on "…the Abyss" on the PS2 because of too frequent loading times. Too bad, I liked what I saw so far.

    Did it get a warm reception in Japan?

    Ahah! Cute.

    Make sure to share your thought once you give it a go.

    I have a soft spot for Nippon Ichi. I love their refined old style approach to 2-D graphics and the music is always interesting.

    Not a big fan of those genres but I'll take your word for it.


    Nah. Not a big fan of Pokemon although I can understand the appeal.

    What about Valkyrie Profile?

    Thanks for all the info. Great list to start my search from.
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    That was the GBA's spot...even though that didn't work out to well. Hopefully Wii/DS will work better
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    Yes I have high hopes as they both have WiFi. :cool: I think you need to use the USB cable with the PSP to use it as a rear view mirror in F1.

    However, since the DS plays gba games (great design chocie!) it should have included that I think. Especially since DS Phat had the same connector!
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    I understand it's a remake with tons of new features, including multiplayer battles.


    Yes I enjoyed it, but the reviews all say they suck. I like the music and the graphics and the games have good stories. I enjoyed #1 but found it a little long.

    You move around the battle screen like an SRPG and it can take a long time, because sometimes you're in a narrow space and a battle ensues and only one guy can reach the enemies.

    It does. Many PSP rpgs do loading right (like Legend of Heroes) where it starts loading when you near a screen boundary. Sometimes you get a load screen on LOH but only for half a second. Usually it's already ready to go. Xenogears for PS1 did this for battles, but it had a bug.. if the battle starts loading you can't jump anymore. How many times did I fall off a cliff because of that?

    Good game once Luke quits being a whiny little bitch. Give it another shot. I know it's buggy... like the world map that gets like 2 frames per second, but it's a truly wonderful game with a good story and a wonderful battle system. If you have a GameCube pick up Tales of Symphonia. Best one ever!

    My Japanese friend has probalby put 20 hours into it. He's totally hooked. This may be because he's been studying in America for 5 years now and hasn't had a chance to play many Japanese games. :)

    Cute, and fun! It probably belongs on the DS just because of its sheer cuteness... but then it wouldn't look as good.

    Will do.

    Absolutely! NIS rules. I have La Pucelle and Phantom Brave but haven't opened them yet. :( I need to get Disgaea 2, also.

    I never liked VP on the PS1, but I'm sure it rocks if it's your thing. Check rpgamer.com

    No problem! :) The LOH games were PC releases originally, and 6 came out like last year. You can find a trailer for it out there and it's actually rather cool looking. I really hope Nihon Falcom releases the rest in the US for PSP.
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    i've been thinking about getting one, not too sure though. this drop is hardly enough to make me get one though.
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    Wonder if this will translate to the UK?
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    How much does a PSP go for over there?
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    no dice!



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