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Public beta of Photoshop CS3 to be available Dec. 15

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 14, 2006.

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    Link: Public beta of Photoshop CS3 to be available Dec. 15
    Description:: A beta of Photoshop CS3 beta will be posted on the Adobe Labs web site on Friday, Dec. 15. The beta is available as a Universal Binary, so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

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    Awesome! I made the leap to InDesign two years ago and have never looked back at QuarkXpress. ID has been "tolerable" in Rosetta on the C2D 17" MBP. Speedwise it's workable--slower than on the G4 book--it's the crashing while distilling PDFs that's killing me!

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    That's great! I'd love to test it on my Intel Mac. Will it be available to Adobe customers?
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    It will be available to everyone... thats why it's called a "Public" beta.
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    Actually, if you read the article towards the end, it looks like it will only be fully available to individuals running CS2, or some other Adobe Software. Looks like it will work for 2 days for everyone, but then it will lock down if a serial number isn't inputted:

    "The Photoshop CS3 beta is available in English only but to Photoshop CS2 users worldwide. It’s available to licensed users of either the Photoshop CS2 (full, upgrade, and education), Adobe Creative Suite 2.x Standard or Premium (full, upgrade, and education), Adobe Production Studio Standard and Premium (full, upgrade, and education), Adobe Video Bundle (full, upgrade, and education) or Adobe Web Bundle (full, upgrade, and education). You’ll need to provide your Photoshop CS2, Creative Suite, Production Studio or Bundle serial number in order to get a Photoshop CS3 beta serial number, enabling you to activate the Photoshop beta and use it beyond the two-day grace period."
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    Complete bastards...

    We didn't upgrade to CS2 because it was a blatant ripoff so soon on the heels of CS1. More unnecessary restrictions. What is it with companies when they get into a monopolistic position? You think they would have seen what happened to Quark over a 5-10 year period and taken some of those lessons on board.
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    This beta is just Photoshop, it doesn't include any of the other Creative Suite apps.
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    What we really need is AE 7 Intel. Then we'll have Universal AE Plug in API and therefore AE Plug in support in Final Cut Pro Intel. That is the only reason I haven't bought a quad core yet.
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    Agreed. Has there been ANY word out of Adobe at all regarding the Universal plan for AE?
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    i need indesign running universal soon. hope they're quick to release all the betas of the CS3 bundle :rolleyes:

    hmmm, have you? so why are you shutting out CS1 and other users? and how is it proof of commitment as previously if you're doing this:

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    same here

    I'm in the same boat. I own CS1, and plan to upgrade to CS3. Being able to use CS3 beta would have been very useful.

    One other option they could give us, is let us purchase CS3 before it is released, so that we can use the betas, and then get the final full version when it is released. That way I dont' have to buy CS2, just to be able to use the CS3 betas.
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    I think it's funny how a small Aperture and Aiport update make front page but this gets stuck in macbytes. Seems this is of greater interested.

    [edit] okay, now it's there...never mind.

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