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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by pianodude123, Feb 22, 2006.

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    I have had a local, small web hosting business for quite some time now, and a friend and I have finally decided to go public. Although our support page isnt complete yet...I need some comments on the design, packages, and your overall view of the site. Would you be likely to buy hosting? Would you be likely to use us as a free host?

    If yes, please say why...(packages better than most)
    If no, please also say what you did not like about your visit

    Since this is a relatively local business, and we are not hoping to expand too rapidly, I would like you all to keep that in mind.


    please give us your two cents:

    Teccion Systems

    Thanks in advance!
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    Why are all the packages "Starting at..."?

    With the prices you are offering the overselling alarm is going off in my head, $4.95/month for 200GB bandwidth?

    Why limit things like number of databases and email addresses? It doesn't really effect the bottom line at all, the only thing that really effects cost is disk space and bandwidth so why not let clients use theirs as they see fit?
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    Do you know anything about marketing..? Your website does nothing to make me want to read on. The packages could look better if they were presented in a plain text file. Why do you tell people that you enforce the bandwidth loosely?

    Why are there no images on the site?

    Why should I care about your server units?

    Frankly, I'm not impressed. Sorry.
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    Seems like a good deal. Nice, G5 and Xeon servers! :)

    Do you use cpanel? Support for PERL, SSI, Cold Fusion....?
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    I live the FAQ.
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    Here are a few criticisms. Please don't take offense to them. I realize your business is rather new and you're still working out the kinks. The material on the site is strangely worded. You may want to have someone look over it and re-write everything in order to sound more appealing to potential customers.

    Your hosting plans seem to be artificially limited to encourage people to switch to a higher priced plan. If I were you, I'd scrap the "Mix n Match" option (which sounds very unprofessional) and advertise more features. For example, what control panel do you use? Do you have fantastico installed? Do you support Pearl, Ruby on Rails, mySQL? What program do you use to run the emails? Squirrelmail?

    Your "about us" page is uninformative.

    Your forums don't load. Would you like help setting some up?

    Your live chat also doesn't work.

    Your FAQ page seems to have no information. Why not scrap this page and provide support through forums, or through a wiki?

    The entire site could use a re-design. It's fairly bland.

    On another note, are you hiring? :)
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    I will scrap the current author, and re word the site myself...do you mind giving some examples of wordiness?
    --As I said, our support pages are no where near finished, and we will be linking to the forums, live chat, and FAQ ASAP.

    Keep in mind we arent anything global...just a local business, but I definately appreciate your thoughts, and will try to do something about them pronto.

    Contact admin /at/ teccion.com for job opportunities...
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    Okay, thanks for your advice. We will take all considerations and review them as soon as possible.

    Please keep the suggestions coming, as we hope to impress and satisfy our customers to our fullest potential
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    personally, i think tecchion is great!
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    remember that commercial "we dig holes in teeth, we dig holes in teeth"?

    You make me think of "we dig up old threads, we dig up old threads" :p
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    Chip NoVaMac


    Yep, it does seem suspicious the resurrection of this thread. It does seem that pianodude123 took to heart the comments made - and made changes. It would have been nice for pianodude123 to have posted a follow-up, rather than Democrat622.
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    um, what are you trying to say to me?
    i don't quite think i understand
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    oh, ok, now i get iit. i posted in this thread 2 months after it had been kinda dead. sorry. i just did a search for
    free webhost, and this came up. sorry for 'digging up old threads' :):D:):D:):D:):D

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