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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Comeagain?, Apr 10, 2012.

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    What do you think about a special forum, that when people start accusing other members of things, or just start arguing in a thread (like was common for bobby corwen) instead of locking and wastelanding the who thread, let the two or three who want to continue, can go to, to let everyone else who can remain calm can continue the conversation. We had one of those in a different forum, where it would automatically delete posts after a day or two. Or at least a place where members could go and complain for a while, and then it gets deleted, and we move on.

    Does that make sense? It does in my head, but not so much when I read it back. I can't try and explain better if that helps.
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    Actually, it sounds like a pretty good idea. :)
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    Theoretically, what (if any) forum rules would apply in the Punching Bag?
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    Well, if its as a place for arguments that are normally cause for locked threads, then I think that for the most part it was just whatever you wanted to say, unless it gets too personal. If members just use it to insult each other, then that's not okay. (think Monty Python and holy grail French scene but serious) Heated "debates" however are ok. I know it's kind of subjective on what it's too far.

    If you just like the idea for place to go let of steam about anything, the that's just open to anything. I suppose if it had the ability to replace swearing and cursing with random characters or something, that would've good, just to not be blocked by content filters.
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    I like the idea, but I think it would be a problem and not work well. When people have an issue with someone in the forum, they don't want to say what's really on their minds, so they will insult them in the punching bag.
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    I like the idea a lot. [​IMG]
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    This will go as far as making a sub-forum for Android, i.e., nowhere.
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    Well, this would let them take a break, calm down a bit, and relieve some frustration. It then gets deleted, and we move on.
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    Love the optimism, but this is different. For one thing, we aren't cellphonerumors, we are Macrumors, so why would we discuss android? This would be a way for frustrated users to still be a part of the community.
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    Interesting, I just think there has to be a line in the sand. I think the line in the main forum does need to be push out a little further though. I've seen people get trolled into saying things that gets them banned, and often it's not even offensive or harsh but someone takes it bad.

    Calling someone a fanboy, fandroid, or troll (even when they know they are) will get you in trouble in this forum. FYI I am an iPhone fanboy.
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    Well, we're not MacFighters or MacTrollers either. If people can't be mature, I say ban them.
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    No place for this here

    People can move on
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    MacRumors: Cagefight Edition

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    In the end, it doesn't accomplish much. From a user standpoint, I still have to either tolerate the bickering until the thread is moved or report the posts until they are moved.

    From a moderator standpoint, I not only have to pick out the bickering posts (which are often intermingled in the legitimate comments about a topic), I ahve to monitor the new thread for other rule violations (insults and such) while still looking in on the original thread to make sure the bickering doesn't continue there as well.

    So, while it may be a good place to blow off steam for members actually involved in the argument - it doesn't seem to benefit the community at large.
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    Maybe something like a Neutral Zone could do, where people can go a bit off topic, let off steam, which is sometimes necessary.
    I am also member on another, smaller message board, where such zone exists. It helps keep off the heat from the other sub-fora, but since that board is also not censoring every swear word like this one does, there is also another sub culture and most of the participants are older than 18 (the minimum age to use censored words I guess).
    TNZ (The Neutral Zone) is also a sub-forum one can unsubscribe from, does one does not need to see this.

    But I guess such sub-forum can not exist here, not even on a trial basis?

    PS: The addition of the vote buttons also leads to some animosity, maybe such punchbag/TNZ sub-forum could help getting those down-voters and down-votees together and get it out.
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    I guess this is kind of what I'm thinking. I actually really like the PS idea.
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    Agreed. I can't stand the comment sections on BGR or Engadget because they quickly degrade into flame wars. I like that the forums here are relatively civil.
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    A neutral zone would be not logging into MacRumors. Just sayin'. :)
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    What if the same rules as the marketplace applied (Member for 6 months + certain amount of posts)
    It could be un-supervised :D
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    Then this place would be quite quiet.

    Anyway, an additional thought, what happens in TNZ stays in TNZ.
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    I agree completely!:D

    You must be another old fart like me who still values a modicum of civility, which is rapidly disappearing in the name of "being direct" and under the cover of anonymity.
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    MacRumors already allows people to have disagreements.
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    You could just call it "come in here if you want to be **** on." That should do it.
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    Or iPhone Forum, for short.:)
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