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purchased movie missing from purchased/cloud

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ViperDesign, Dec 17, 2012.

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    I don't know what happened but a movie I purchased is not showing in the cloud or in my purchased movie.

    I downloaded it after I bought it so I know it was there at some point.

    Any idea what could be happening?
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    this has happened to me a few times. I purchased a movie but did not watch it straight away, only to have it go missing. I rebooted my ATV and then it was there. i think i maybe even disconnected reconnected to internet.
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    it is missing from my imac itunes as well though
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    There's also the little "screw ya" Apple gets you on sometimes.

    If you buy it, and subsequently Apple loses distribution rights to the movie it's just "poof" it vanishes and you're out a movie.
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    I downloaded Act of Valor via the blu ray code, not available via icloud in my ipad or iPhone. I asked apple and their explanation was that not all movies are available via icloud and must be synced.
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    Well that is the thing that is crazy, it was in my icloud when I purchased it. Some how it is missing now.

    I have a apple support open to hopefully find out where it went. Very weird
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    ...download to your hard drive and backup your purchases.

    I like my music, movies, TV shows in the cloud for all of the obvious advantages, but I will never count on it always being there.

    I do know, however, that it's on my imac's hard drive, and in my Time Capsule backup.
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    Okay I got a response back and I don't know it happened but my purchase was hidden.

    Went in, clicked the un-hide button and it is now showing. Very weird

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